Is anyone using CURL or REST to get your sensor data from Dexcom?

I looked at going through the developers account to get my blood glucose for a program where my lights in the bedroom come on when my BG goes below 50 overnight. But, developing an app should not be necessary. Does anyone know of an API that uses CURL or REST to get my BG data?

It would be great if you can find that API. The workaround at this point is to use either Nightscout or Sugarmate and then use IFTTT triggers.

Check this topic, with several suggestions.

I use Home Assistant. The Sugarmate API is my secondary source but I would really like to get the data from Dexcom directly.
I couldn’t get Nightscout to work again after they changed databases. (Maybe I’ll try again).

What do you use?

Nothing right now, but at one point I did get a Nightscout system setup. Seems like Dexcom should make this API available to their customers.

If they are not public, there are other ways to do it. I think @ClaudnDaye has something setup with a computer screen or something like that.

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You may want to check into IFTTT apps that already may exist for this purpose. We use SugarMate “phone calls” as the method I wake up to deal with our sons Lows or potential lows…when a threshold is crossed, I receive a phonecall which I wake up too. I also have his BGs displayed on our bedroom big screen while we sleep via sugarmate over the browser app on the TV.


I use the Nightscout api and Tidepool api to populate exercise data. But, yes, you need to get your Nightscout instance setup.

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