Access to real-time G6 BG readings

Good Day,
I apologize in advance if this has been discussed. I am looking for the “cliff notes” on how to get the Dexcom G6 BG readings to another device in real-time. I see the Dexcom G6 developer API has at least a 3 hour delay. The G6 is connected to an iphone and I would like to interface with a home automation gateway and use IFTTT. I see that Nightscott is being used, but directly with the G6? what other software needs to be installed on the iphone? etc.?

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If you are using an Iphone, have you tried the Dexcom Follow app, or are you trying to export the data?

Hi @stevekrueger What you want to do is very easily accomplished with xDrip+ on Android. For the iPhone you can use Spike (not in the app store, but Google it). I think the same export capabilities are available.

All of the recent app development has been subject to the 3 hour lag, except for PredictBGL, which utilizes Share, not Clarity, but it’s API does not allow sharing with another app.