Dexcom Share Servers Down?

Seems Dexcom’s share server is down. Anyone else having an issue?

My setup: Daughter has Dexcom G6. Running G6 App on Android phone. Share is setup. I have NightWatch on my phone. I’ve been getting her readings perfectly past month.

Updates stopped coming last night through NightWatch (about 7:00 pm EDT April 4th). G6 App is still collecting readings.

I removed sharing from G6 app and tried to re-enable it. When I try to re-enable sharing and add a person, I get an error message saying the Dexcom share server is temporarily down and to try later. Been like that past 24 hours.

Anyone else having this problem?


Dexcom share is working fine for me. No problem at all.

Working for me.

You can call Dex Tech Support for Share issues.

Thanks Chris. I just resolved the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the G6 app. I’m using a side-loaded G6 app on an unsupported Android phone (Moto G6 phone…fitting model, right?). For some reason, my G6 app was no longer logged into my Dexcom account. When I reinstalled it, it gave me an error message that it couldn’t connect with the server, but then gave me the option to re-enter my login credentials (which haven’t changed). I logged in successfully, completed the app installation, and enabled sharing, and NightWatch quickly had the readings streaming again.

Thank you the support.

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When you get the chance, if you have the time could you detail what you have loaded and how you completed the loading? It would probably help quite a few folks.

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Sure, here is our setup:

-Daughter has Dexcom receiver; used to start/stop sensors (and also to extend sensor life to 12 days).

-Daughter has Moto G6 phone, using Dexcom G6 App. The Google Play Store does not allow the G6 App to be installed on the Moto G6 phone. I had to side-load a modified version of the Dexcom G6 app. If your phone is not compatible with the Dexcom G6 app, obtain a modified version here:

There are other sites that also provide the Android .APK file that you can load.

To load it, you need to authorize third-party app installs first.

-I enabled sharing on the Dexcom G6 app on her phone.

-On Mom and Dad’s phones (we both have Moto G6 phones also), we are not using the Dexcom Follower app. We are using Nightwatch. Nightwatch logs into the Dexcom server and pulls in live CGM readings. The alerts are fairly easy to setup (Nightwatch, being an open source group effort, doesn’t have the best instructions that go with it).

Get NightWatch here:

Happy to answer any questions. This setup has been working great for us.