Problems with quote reply

I am using the Discourse app on an IPad2 with up-to-date IOS. When I try to use quote reply, I am unable to highlight and quote text. So usually I select quote reply, then go back and copy the text I want (and that usually takes a few tries, too) and paste it in. I had the same problem on TuD in the browser. Any ideas?

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Do you have the same problem with FUD on the browser?

I will try and duplicate your issue with my wife’s iOS device.

[EDIT] With the iOS, discourse app, what exactly happens when you select text? What happens for me on Android is: I select text, get an option to quote, select that option, then it opens up a reply box where the quote is already there.

Test - using quote reply with Discourse app on Android

Worked on my iPhone also… Same process

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Just tested an iPhone 7s with latest iOS update. I was able to select text, select QUOTE, then reply. Possibly it is only on the iPAD? Or maybe a different use case?

I use the instructions you outline above…just hasn’t worked (though I remember a time it used to on the other site, probably before one of the IOS upgrades). Anyway, no worries, I can work around it. Thanks!

Does anyone have a recent, fully OS-updated iPad to duplicate this behavior? @docslotnick, I think you are an iPad user?

Perish the thought. I’m all about Android, never even touched an iPad :wink:


Can’t wait until my current contract period ends so I can switch back…have I mentioned my disdain for all things “i”??

It works from my iPad!


So I persisted and managed a qoute-reply (still had to paste text into the quote) and part of the problem seems to be with the text highlighting anchors. As I mentioned, this is an “old” device and the screen sensitivity (if that’s the right term) may be less than optimal.

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I know that, on my iPhone, if I don’t use those anchors just right, the ENTIRE AREA becomes highlighted…it’s honestly a bit tricky even on the iPhone 7 to get just the text you want, highlighted…but I was just discounting my own ineptness at my old age and fading eyesight. :frowning:

You are a young rooster, Harold :slight_smile:

45 and some days I feel like I"m going on 90! But…other days, I do only feel 20. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though…my eyes were perfect until 40…then I could no longer read package labels. :frowning: I had my sons read things for…then one day my wife had a pair of reading glasses waiting for me…I looked through them and it was as if a whole new world had appeared before me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been wearing them ever since.


I’ve been there for about 5 years…