A terrific app to access FUDiabetes!

Discourse now has an app to interact with our community, both on iOS and Android. I have been testing it over the past week: it is terrific!

It is fast, easy, with practically all the functionality of a computer – and it pushes notifications! Really awesome. I hardly ever checked the community with my phone when I had to use the phone browser - now I do it many times a day. I am sold.

Try it: look for Discourse on either iOS or Android App stores :slight_smile:


You just (soon) pushed this forum into the #1 spot with that breakthrough… seriously who has time to mess with a computer… and the other forums that use browser interface or tapatalk will be a decade behind us. Tapatalk works fine for contractors debating the electrical code but not for a “community”

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Same. The discourse app is great!

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Great app, nice find!

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Very nice, thanks @michel !!!

I agree. I downloaded it and gave it a test drive. Love it too! :nerd_face:

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I use Discourse and am unable to “Quote” or use other editing on my iPhone. Am I doing something wrong or is that how the app works. I get notifications which is great but need to wait until I am at my computer to post.

You should just be able to highlight the portion of text you want to quote, then click the ‘Quote’ button.

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Thank you! I think it was my phone being unresponsive.

Oh now I see it didn’t quote it on my phone like it does on computer

Hmm, for some reason your quoted text didn’t format correctly. It should look like this.

Yes! I can’t figure it out and wondered if others had this happen. I have an iPhone X

Oh there it goes it was delayed. Weird

This quote is being done on my iPhone as a test.

Easy: I just edited your post to show you.

You cannot have a new part of your post on the same line as your “return quote”.

I just inserted a return before your :blush:

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Got it! Thank you @Michel

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