Posting on FUD by phone rather than computer

I love the Discourse app!

But typing on the phone, for me, is fraught with risk! I have really thick fingers that frequently mistype on the phone keyboard. Between that and the terrible dangers of auto-correct, the effect on my prose can be havoc!

I do find it a bit easier to use an Android keyboard vs an iPhone keyboard.

Btw, autocorrect tried to correct “havoc” into “having”… Not a dangerous problem, but I do think of the danger of autocorrect creating an offensive meaning: it has happened to me in text messages, and is very difficult to believably apologize for: “sorry, it was my auto-correct” sounds very much like “my dog ate my homework” :slight_smile:


Fortunately bizarre autocorrects seem to have become more and more expected and socially acceptable


Suck an egg, Sam!

Oops, that was auto-correct.

I meant to say, “Smart as usual, Sam!”.


I have never made a post to FUD on a computer. Every post I have made has been on my phone.
And yes, autocorrect sucks. It’s probably much slower to type than on the computer. And the autosuggest function doesn’t seem to work on discourse in Chrome mobile.


My hardest part of typing on the phone is in the “double checks” that you should do before clicking submit or send or w/e. I tend to “swype” and that causes a lot of autocorrect issues…so I have to end up going back and saying things like *sorry, not soupkitchen, etc.,


I could not type on a phone that didn’t have a Swype keyboard.

And yes, I really do try to proofread everything I type, even when typing on a computer. Saved me numerous times.


I pretend to proofread :slight_smile:


Same here. I’ve always posted from my phone as well.


I’m stoked to check out the Discourse app thingy! The FUD on the phone is so tiny, I know I need new glasses.

And, does no one use the microphone/dictation function? I find that pretty helpful, but again, it gets it wrong a lot. Still, have to correct no matter how I do it. The phone typing is frustrating! I type on a laptop for many of my posts, but am excited for an app like thing for the phone.

(I checked it out! Just like that! I am editing this post from my phone!)