Highlight and quote not working

I did iPad and Discourse updates the other day and now am unable to highlight and quote in replies on the forum. I think it must be something with Discourse since I can use the copy/paste functions on other websites on my iPad. Anyone else experience this or have ideas to resolve? Thanks!

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I’m having this issue, too (on my iPhone). I can highlight and quote once, and then it won’t let me again until I shut out the app and come back in (then repeat with only one highlight/quote)

@Thomas, for me, at least, I can press and hold on my screen to highlight text, then click the little “quote” button that appears, and it automatically quotes the highlighted text in a response. That’s what’s not working right.

Thanks for stating that so clearly! Same situation!

I may try powering off, sometimes that helps!

I had a similar problem a couple months ago on my Android phone.

Discourse changed their support proc, we cannot call them out from the forum any more. I will contact them through their support email and ref this thread.