Discourse message "Consider replying to more people"

I’ve got it somewhat figured out. But wait a minute! The Discourse Overlord is telling me I shouldn’t reply to you anymore. Crap!



Thank you for figuring this out!

@Eric I also got that weird Discourse message when replying to you on another thread.

@Michel @ClaudnDaye - Is this a new thing implemented within the last day?


Strange. The only setting I see is one for “new users” – which you guys aren’t of course, so not sure why you’d be seeing this.


It’s been around forever, I have had this msg quite a few times before. It happens when you reply to the same person within a thread many times.

But it never stops you from replying, though—or does it? It’s always been a suggestion only for me.


Still strange that non-new users would even see the message since the setting is supposed to only apply to new users (I would assume TL0 or TL1’s).

Split so that we didn’t hijack the PDM Math thread.

Bottom line is, even if you see this, it’s just a recommendation - ignoring it is OK. :slight_smile:


It is not the same message: the message that @Eric and @Millz see is one about replying to the same person too often in the thread. It is only a suggestion, and it may be shown to any user, with no adjustable admin parameter that I have found. OTOH, the one you are looking at is a threshold used to stop a new user spamming a thread in general :slight_smile:

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The same person or only when you reply to the same comment numerous times? I’ve replied to Jen like 100 times in her tresiba post and haven’t seen this

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Discourse knows there is no controlling you :slight_smile:

You are always on a phone. This shows on the right-hand side of the pane when you use a computer. At least for me.


This is the setting that’s causing it:


As well as this one:


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Nice find.

I think it is OK to leave it as is. It is only advisory.

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I know it was only a suggestion, I was just making a joke about it. Like I couldn’t answer Beacher’s question because of it.


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