Preventing skewed Omnipod averages

Not sure how many people ever use their PDM’s BG averages, what with Diasend and Clarity and whatnot (I know I don’t anymore), but sometimes if I test high I’ll test again to make sure my finger wasn’t contaminated, and if it’s too different from the first result then I’ll test again to see which was right, but now I’ve got a bunch of highs skewing my average.

But I discovered today that if you tag these extra highs “Control,” then they don’t figure into your average.


Nice tip!

I learned long ago, BG averages don’t mean much. As you said, you are more likely to double-check a high.

And if you are low, you will check again to see if it is coming up. 50…58…67… So you get numerous low readings.

How many of us double-check a number like 87? Nobody. We rejoice and move on!

Thanks for pointing this out!


That is a great tip, thank you!

You will also get a warning when you select “Control” indicating this is a “control solution” and it does NOT allow you to bolus against that tag.