Omnipod BG tags

On the omnipod PDM, it seems that you can only tag BG readings that are less than 2 hours old.

This seems like a bad design. Any idea why they do that?!?

Does anyone know of a workaround? It would be nice to be able to go back and tag things from earlier in the day or whatever.


Naive question: how exactly do you use tags?

You don’t. By the time you remember they’re there, two hours have passed.

Seriously, I don’t use them much. If I remember, I’ll tag a “Carb guess” or a “BG guess,” and if I’m low after being active I’ll tag an “Exercise (light).” But if you upload to Diasend/Glooko, they aren’t obvious – you have to hover your cursor over a BG result to see if one’s there – and so I tend not to bother with them anymore.

If you meant how do you apply them, it’s in More actions>Assign/Edit BG tags. To make custom ones, Settings>System setup>BG meter>Manage BG tag list.


I’ve never actually “used” them yet myself.

Is there not much of a point to doing it?

Maybe if you saw something crazy on your graph, you could look at it and it would remind you why it happened, but it isn’t really useful for making changes to your dosing or basal?

Just asking your opinion since I haven’t really looked at them in a report or anything.

For me that’s pretty much it. Not taken into consideration for treatment choices, but little reminders. I might be looking back over results and say, “Wow, I was so high after lunch that day! What happened?” and that was two months ago so I can’t remember why, but I can hover the cursor (or press the ? on the PDM record) and see my custom tag that says “Just opened my mouth and shovelled it in.”

I’d like to hear from people who find them very useful and are in the habit of using them. Maybe I’m missing some terrifically useful application.


We use tags all the time. We created custom tags to fit our purpose and we tag 100% of the BG’s we take from Liam.

The custom tags we created are:

  • Calibration
  • Pre-Meal Low
  • Pre-Meal High
  • Correction
  • Check for Low

They give you the ability to see context when in Glooka and looking at lows or high…what was the reason for the high, the low, whatever. Every “meal” we label as “Pre-Meal” and after every meal to 2 or 3 hours, we label “Post-Meal”