OmniPod - BG test "Confirm" reminder

Not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I am so used to doing blood tests - on many different meters - that I just mindlessly put the strip in and put blood on it.

The problem is when I use the BG meter on the PDM without hitting the confirm button first. You lose the strip. :angry:

I have lost so many strips that way. Anyone else do that?!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So I did this as a reminder. Hopefully it will help me not do that anymore.

I changed my PDM ID Screen to this: :joy:


I wasted a few strips myself but seem to have the new sequence in place now. I added some BG tags to the standard list: pre-exercise, bedtime, CGM calibration.

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Yes! I’m already frustrated with the Confirm requirement. Your idea is Brilliant, I going to use this idea right now. :hibiscus:


Just wanted to mention, it has been over a week since I changed my ID screen, and I haven’t wasted a single strip since!

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So funny. I just changed my PDM screen last night - thanks to you @Eric!!

I’m such a procrastinator :smirk:


Just curious … where do you look at these tags? I used to use a few in the early days, but since they don’t seem to transfer either to Dexcom Clarity or Diasend, I stopped. Or am I not looking in the right place?

Clever! It took me about six months to train my brain, but I still lose a stick or two a week.

I put my phone number as my ID. That way, if I lose my PDM, it’s the first thing anyone sees when they turn it on. You can put your phone number in your “My Info” page as well, but no one who doesn’t use the Omnipod would ever be able to burrow down into that.


Yep, that’s another good tip, thanks for sharing.

I do that too. When on trips, I change it to my phone number. And then change it back when I get back home. :smiley:

In the PDM menu, go to More Actions, then Assign/Edit BG tags.

I know how to assign them, I was just wondering how useful they are in the end. Now that I have a CGM and review theings at Diasend or Dexcom, I don’t have much need to go into My Records>BG History and then press the ? mark, and the tags don’t get uploaded to those sites (not that I’ve discovered, anyway).

Apologies, I didn’t read carefully enough. I use Glooko and the tags are displayed in the History tab, for example, an apple for pre-meal and an apple core for post-meal.

Must be a US thing? I use Glooko/Diasend on the international site. On the Comparison > Logbook/Table page, tags are hidden. If I hover my cursor over a test reading, a little pop-up shows me the exact time and some tags, such as “Negative ketones,” but not any exercise-related or custom tags. And there’s no indication on the logbook page that a tag exists, and one (or this one) isn’t about to hover over every single test result to see if there’s a tag. Which is why I stopped entering them on the PDM. Shame, really, because it could be a useful feature.

Or maybe I’m just doing something wrong and haven’t found the magic “Show Me My Tags” button.