Not impressed with Omnipod 5 after 3 days

Anyone else having issues after transitioning to the Omnipod 5 system? After 3 days, the CGM transmitter can’t be found majority of the time, forcing it into manual mode with me using by Dexcom phone app to give it values. “Cannot find CGM”? It’s right here next to me. Why can my phone app pick it up but the Omnipod PDM cannot? Ridiculous. Seems to work a few hours during the day and then shut down all night causing BG spikes into the mid and high 200s. Insulet has been unable to help, and I dread waiting 30-45 minutes to have the next agent tell me to do everything I have already done, over and over. Very frustrating to know that I’m not paying more for less and my A1C is going to definitely take a hit.


@KaseyAlen I’m not on O5, so no experiential help here. However, I thought there were a limited number of connections (2?) to the O5, one for the O5 app/pdm and one for the Dexcom. Is it possible your phone app is competing for a connection? Others here on FUD will probably have better ideas…

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Correct, 2 connections. But one for device (pump or receiver) and one for app. Cannot be 2 app connections or 2 device connections. If using O5 pdm and dexcom receiver, only one can pair, other should not have transmitter id.

Only 1 phone app can have correct current transmitter ID. Other app should be set to dummy id (or not used).


Hi @KaseyAlen. Welcome to FUD!

As @TomH mentioned, there can only be one “non-phone” device connecting, and one phone connecting.

If you happen to have a Dexcom receiver, turn it off. Just make sure it is not competing for the connection.

There may be other issues with the communication, but just rule this out as a problem. On your next pod, try wearing the pod right next to the Dexcom sensor on your body.

(I am not saying this will fix it, or make a difference, but just for troubleshooting, let’s rule it out as a possibility that their is a communication problem between them.)


That’s not strictly true: the Dexcom phone app can have the transmitter ID and be connected to the transmitter, while the LOOP phone app can have the transmitter ID to snoop on the communication between the Dexcom app and the transmitter. LOOP itself doesn’t connect to the transmitter, it just listens in.


And the pod itself connects to the transmitter via the non-phone slot, is that correct?

I’ve never used it, just have been piecing the info together by reading all the posts!

Interesting. Depends on how a “snoop” read to transmitter works. I’m not familiar with this.

@KaseyAlen: The Dexcom and the pod that are on you have to connect with each other in order for the Om 5 app or PDM to “find” the CGM. Make sure you have clear “line of sight” from the pod to the CGM. For example, lower abdomen and thigh have good line of sight but rear upper butt and front lower abdomen do not. The CGM and the pod can’t connect through flesh.

Appreciate all the responses, and it definitely gives me some things to consider. I did shut off the Dexcom receiver yesterday and changed pods, placing the sensor on the back of my right arm and the pod on my abdomen. That worked most of the day, and gave me consistent readings until I went to bed. From 1030 last night until around 930 this morning, I got zero CGM readings. Maybe it’s because I used a blanket? It’s ridiculous that if these are bluetooth connected they can’t read each other unless there is a direct line of sight. Unless one is on my forehead and one is on my cheek there will never be able to “see” each other. From what I can gather, the system will work during daylight hours as long as you keep watching it. Once you step away or get distracted, the connection drops and good luck getting it back. Not impressed.

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Snooping is just eavesdropping. I gather that the Dexcom transmitter and the Dexcom app on the phone are communicating, and the LOOP algorithm just listens in to collect information without actually participating in the communication.

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had the same issues for my son. I’m on the Tandem T Slim for the last 9m’s or so and haven’t had any of these issues.

@KaseyAlen fwiw Tandem has similar issues. It’s a Bluetooth problem with the signal not being able to get through a mass of flesh (simplified explanation). I routinely wear a Dexcom sensor on my inner thigh and my pump on my hip. If I roll to one specific side and my other thigh covers the transmitter I will get ZERO readings on my pump until the transmitter is uncovered because of the relative position of the pump. The balance of the time, I get great readings.

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I had my own nightmares with OmniPod 5 upon starting, but I have sorted them out and would not switch away from it for the world at this point. My control is the best I have had in my life.

I have found the following,

  1. as others have said, make sure the G6 and the Pod are line of sight. For me I try to place them almost right next to each other if I can. I rarely (as in once a week) get any type of communication issues

  2. I use the dedicated OmniPod 5 controller as I did have issues with the phone app on my Samsung S20 when starting. I have been told literally within the last 2 days that they have released an update to the app and those problems have been solved. So I am weighing whether of not to attempt to go back to that. If I do I will lose all of the adaptation that the algorithm has learn so far so I will have to think that over for a while.

Don’t give up on it yet. It has a learning curve. I was ready to throw in the towel and I am glad I stayed with it.


So yesterday was a good day overall for readings and control; however, I was working from home all day. As soon as I finished my day and left my desk, the sporadic CGM readings started. They were few, but they continued for a couple of hours, yet my BGs stayed in target range. Went to bed around 11 to Automatic mode and a BG of 160-ish (target range). Woke up around 3am, and checked–still in Auto mode and getting CGM readings. BGs still great! I was ecstatic and went back to sleep. Woke up this morning to find that the last G6 reading was 330am and not a value since. Fortunately, BG was still in range, but here I sit at 810 am trying to get the CGM readings to show up. I have closed the app on my phone and restarted it, restarted my PDM, and deleted and re-entered the transmitter code multiple times after flipping out of Limited to Manual mode (this is how I had to get it going yesterday). Super frustrating! It should not take this much work to get the tech to communicate, and yes, the pod and G6 are in line (pod on abdominal and G6 on back of arm). Should they really be placed right next to each other? Wouldn’t that skew the readings?

Insulet has a trainer that left me a message yesterday evening to give her a call this weekend. I’m going to see if maybe she has some insight as to how to resolve this. Maybe my PDM just needs to be replaced after the 5 days it has been in use? Stay tuned…


Today is the first day since I switched to O5 that it has worked as promised, to my understanding. I spoke with Omnipod Customer Service for over half an hour, after waiting 45 minutes to get to someone, only to have to go through all the same processes I had already done with the same result–still no connectivity to my CGM since 330am. I was told that since they couldn’t do anything, they would escalate my issue and have someone call me in 4 days. I decided to reach out to the Omnipod trainer in my market, as she had left me a message about training a couple of days prior. She was great, and had me try a few new things as well as make some settings changes to help going forward. I decided that I would replace my pod, my sensor and my transmitter and after the 2 hour warm up (way too long, IMO) I would see how it goes. 2 hours later, mu O5 PDM started receiving CHM values and it has been in Automatic mode ever since, keeping me in my target range yesterday afternoon, evening, and overnight into this morning. No loss of signal despite my numerous sleep positions throughout the night. I’m cautiously optimistic as it’s only been a day, but it’s something! Now, I just have to get a sensor and transmitter replacement from Dexcom as communication was apparently the issue and now I have no backup transmitter and 1 less sensor if an issue arises. Hoping that at some point insurance will get it’s act together and maybe allow a second transmitter to be ordered well before one expires as well as a 90 day supply of sensors so I don’t have to keep ordering them each month (auto renewal not allowed through BCS NC with Express Scripts),but at least these are pharmacy benefits now along with the pods! No more Edgepark Medical! What a ride!


I was on Medtronic mini and went to my doctor just for him to say “I HATE MEDTRONIC”. Lets get Omnipod. Im on my second pod, constant highs and constant errors. Cant say I like this much. One thing I loved about the omnipod idea was NO CORDS . But, I have to say this omnipod isn’t great so far . I will give it a little time, but not a fan so far

I’ve been on the 5 with dexcom for three months. In my opinion needlessly forced to carry two devices since I switched to IOS to get Dexcom originally. I can’t believe Omnipod released this without IOS system compatibility!! They still have no end in sight for implementing IOS……My biggest complaint is the “line of sight” requirement between CGM and pod. I spent multiple nights wondering why I wasn’t getting CGM readings on the PDM and waking up to high blood sugars. (When the PDM doesn’t see the CGM no corrections take place) I assumed incorrectly that no CGM readings in “automatic “ mode would allow the basal rate to revert back to the manual setting levels—WRONG! Secondly, I assumed the PDM would bridge the gap between POD and CGM—-WRONG AGAIN! WHY CANT THIS OCCUR OMNIPOD???It is extremely disappointing to rely on 1980’s connectivity issues in 2023! Multiple calls to OMNIPOD have been a complete waste of time. Even when I have figured out the issues, most CSRs don’t know what they are talking about—they are VERY good at apologizing for their inferior product but that has been it. My AIC has risen 3 tenths since using this product, and my frustration level has risen several notches…I would not purchase it again without improvements to communication and connectivity to IOS
That was a ton of complaining, here are the benefits— when CGM and PDM can communicate it works well. My lows were reduced to 5% down from 15%. You must manipulate setting to achieve what you want. I averaged bs levels of 125 with OMNIPOD and dexcom6 prior to OMNIPOD 5— If I can figure out how to keep communication working I believe that same average will be accomplish very few lows.

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Completely with you on this! Worst part is the G7 is getting ready to come out, and I can’t even think about switching to the newest until it will work with the Omnipod 5–the same one that my iPhone still can’t control–a year after it came out. I actually have to carry 4 devices as I have a work phone and I also have to carry a meter (and test strips) in case the sensor reading feels inaccurate (it happens) or the sensor isn’t communicating with the controller or the iPhone…00’s tech in 2023, right?