Omnipod 5 and the Dexcom G6 not working together well

Hi everyone, I’m new to this app but I’ve been having a lot of problems with the G7 and Omni 5!

It will just keep disconnecting me from my transmitter (on the Omnipod 5 meter) and so I won’t get any readings on my Blood Glucose.
Even if I go through the whole process of restarting my Meter and then the whole thing of deleting the transmitter and then adding it back- it won’t work. (its a mess)

It may work for a short time, say 20 minutes to an hour. But when it starts up, its unlikely it’ll work for longer than 24 hours at one given time.

I’ll take any recommendations about this.
Should I just change transmitters?

Assume you mean Dexcom G6 (in title), not G7 ?

I dont use Omnipod, but others here will hopefully have answers.

(Or are you in non-US, where G7 is available with O5?).

The basic first suggestion is to insert the sensor and pod on the same side of the body and not too far apart. Otherwise the signal can be too weak to be work properly.

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Yes my bad, it was really late when I was writing that. I did mean the G6

I wear my Dexcom on my stomach. I doubt that would help much knowing that when I have my pod on the leg on that same side, it still dosen’t work : (