Pouch specs / insulin pens vs smart phones

So I’m looking at a few different options now that summer is coming for how to carry my D-junk in lighter clothing. Looking at various belt-pouches on amazon. The thing is, these days they’re all listed in regards to what smart phones they fit instead of in good old fashioned inches or centimeters…

So here’s what I’m asking from you all… if you have a smart phone, an insulin pen of any brand, and maybe even a ruler or tape measure… compare them and post the specs here.

I don’t need to know if a pouch fits an iPhone 7 Plus (etc) which is all amazon wants to tell me. I need to know if it fits novolog flexpens, tresiba pens… etc etc in addition to a couple afrezza packs, the inhaler, and a tiny vial if test strips and mini meter… and ideally a few other odds and ends without looking like a total goober

My iPhone 6s (5 1/2”) is about 3/4” shorter than my Novopen Echo (6 1/4”).

For carrying pens, I like the pouch that comes with the ReliOn Micro because it is more rectangular-shaped than most of the meter pouches that you get, so it fits pens as well as your meter. The length of it is exactly big enough to fit a 6.5 inch pen.

It has a strip vial slot and a zippered compartment on the side.

If you are not going to use the meter it comes with, you can take out the plastic meter-holder and sew in a different holder, or just leave it out entirely.


I know that you were wondering about phone cases, but of all the cases I have looked at, when it comes to only carrying around a pen and BG meter, this one seems to be the best fit.


I like your idea for using the pens in the relion micro case. The only problem I have is, I use a relion prime meter, and the strip vial is just too wide to fit the case (thickness, as far as the case measurement is concerned). Do you have an idea for repackaging prime test strips? I stopped using micro test strips a few years back, since are 2x as expensive as prime strips.

Maybe the relion prime 25 count vial is smaller diameter? Anyone know?

I often use glass vials because they are smaller. And because they are glass you can see how many strips are remaining in there. I think that is a nice advantage.

Do a search on Amazon for glass vials. You can find most any size. I recommend the ones with a press-in top instead of the screw top, though. It’s easier to access.

Here is the one I use. Much smaller than the standard one that comes with the strips.

@Eric, that’s a good idea. Do you use this for temporary storage? It appears to me that the sides of the factory strip vials contain a desiccant (I assume) to absorb moisture.

I just put in enough for a day or two, like when I am leaving the house and want a smaller thing to carry.

It doesn’t seem to cause any problems when it is only a few days. And I live in a relatively humid climate too.

@Sam can you post an example you’re considering from Amazon so I can get an idea?

I have an iPhone 6s (Emily already listed those specs) and EH has the iPhone X.

iPhone X is roughly 2 3/4" x 5 3/4"

Humalog Kwikpen 5 1/2" long

Lantaus Solostar 6 1/2" long

ETA: just occurred to me it’s the Fourth of July. Which in some parts is well into summer. Alaska? Maybe not so much yet? This struck me as really funny.


I love my dual pouch Spibelt. The bottle of bubbles is same height as my phone (which I was using to take the picture). Stretchy pouches, secure, lasts forever.

Leather Vertical Men Cellphone Belt Loop Holster Case Belt Waist Bag Mini Travel Messager Pouch Crossbody Pack Purse Wallet with a Clip iPhone 8 Plus 7 Plus Note 8 S8 Edge Plus+Keychain-Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CNF3PEC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i4dqBbKCFRP0F

Something like this… this one just happened to be in my amazon list I didn’t look into it at great depth…

June 21 was the longest day of the year in Alaska (and everywhere else in northern hemisphere) but in Alaska it’s a big celebration then we start getting ready for winter again;) sorta. I’m actually down in Oregon/ Washington for a couple weeks currently.

That example seems like a cool man purse. And really small. And attaches to either your belt OR a strap, both of which might have pros and cons.

This one also seems cool, and appears to fit the insulin pens plus a few other things. Could do both belt and shoulder strap. The key seems to be something that will hold an iPhone Plus.

Hwin Vertical Leather Case Pouch Holster Belt Clip for iPhone 6 Plus LG G4 Note 5,Men Crossbody Shoulder Bag+Free Keychain(Coffee)

I have this same spibelt (in black, too!) and also love it. It can hold a ton, if needed. I’ve fit two EpiPens (significantly larger than insulin pens), a asthma inhaler, a tube of glucose tablets, and a meter, vial of test strips, and lancing device in there at the same time. I use it at work during times I’m working with clients away from my backpack and want to bring some emergency supplies with me.

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Nonsense, it’s just like man-lingerie

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