Planning ahead for 2020

Our calendars will switch over very soon! Looking forward to another year of forward-looking goal oriented D management ideas on FuD. For some reason my resolutions get me jazzed for the new year, so I figured I’d get them out there on the interweb…here they are:

  1. Switch over from MDI to Omnipod. Working on this right now and if everybody crosses their fingers I’ll be on the pods in early January!

  2. Transitioning from Dex G5 to G6. Don’t talk me out of it! G5 works fine for me but I’m hoping the no calibration feature of G6 will save me some time in my day to day. I figure I’ll switch on my schedule rather than waiting for Dexcom or my insurance, whoever, to force the switch.

  3. Make it to a TCOYD conference. Right now it looks like I can fit one in but time will tell.

My personal non-D goals/resolutions are not suitable for publication…I have too many balls in the air these days and need to avoid tossing new ones up until life settles down a bit.


This has been on my list for awhile, maybe 2020 is the year. But wish they did more events on eastern side of US.

Found this

Doing more “mindfullness” also on my list.


I think you will find the transition easy and impactful as far as reduced time the G6 involves. Other than the restart issue, we have had no problems with the G6 and they now have most of the issues ironed out.


I love the G6 and my son loves the G6.

It is a million times easier to put on (no freaking out about insertions) and then you do not have to think about calibrating 2 hours later you just get readings.

I find I never have to calibrate. For my aon his readings can be off so we do calibrate after a while to be sure.


I agree with @Aaron, it is so much easier to insert, and far less painful. G6 is also much more accurate than the G5, at least for me, and no calibrations, except occasionally in the first 12 hours. I’ve been using G6 for about 6 months, and I’m still surprised about not needing to calibrate!