Pump averse luddite new to Omnipod5

I doubt anything I’m about to say is new. I’m a week and two days into Omnipod5. I’ve had the Dexcom6 on for about 45 days. Prior to that I was sticking and penning. For a year I had the Medtronic 670G and it made me hate life. Before that, for 20 years, I was using syringes and 8+ daily finger sticks.

I’m joining this forum because the O5/D6 system, working together (when they do) seem to be the best thing I’ve found so far for keeping my blood sugar in range with minimal disruption to the joy of living.

During my syringe years, I had a period of very tight control (A1C of 5.5 for a hot second) by following a Dr. Bernstein super-tight diet and extreme exercise, but that also felt unsustainable.

That said, having just a taste of normal has made me realize how much more normal things could be. So I look forward to continuing to read through the posts here, find out what I’m doing wrong, and hopefully to find out what I can do better.


Hi @diabetiquette. Welcome to FUD!

Please feel free to ask whatever questions you have. Someone here will have an answer! :+1:


I started OP5 Dec 25 after decades of pens, 4 years Dexcom. Look frequently at History Details - Summary & Auto Events tabs to see just how pod is responding to CGM values every 5 minute tick. Helped me adjust values & ratios to tune up performance.


Thanks for all the support and comments!

Week 2.5 with the Omnipod5 and my bs is stabilizing around 70, which feels a little low for my taste. The target is set at 110, so maybe time will help adjust it. I also think that now that I have better basal control, my insulin:carb ratio may need to be adjusted. I find myself underestimating carbs when I see how much insulin the system wants to give me.


You can change the target up to 150 if you want. Or set it on activity mode for awhile if you don’t want to change your settings.

I’ll set it up on activity mode if I think the auto boluses are too much during a rise. Especially when I haven’t pre bolused properly.

Thank you! Until I get on my “always tomorrow” exercise plan, I’m afraid to use the Activity setting to adjust insulin delivery. My hope is to get the normal settings to normalize me.

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