I hate the Omnipod 5 so far

I’m only about 26 hours into this after switching from the Dash and my sugars have been horrible. Sky high after meals to where I’m constantly adding manual boluses because I feel sick.

Overnight was a nightmare. I woke up drenched in sweat because my sugar was 43. This stupid thing was giving me boluses when my sugar was in the 70s-80s. I immediately switched to manual mode after treating the low but I don’t understand why it was giving me boluses. My settings are to correct only when BG is >120. I slept through the low sugar alarms. I liked the Dexcom receiver alarms much better.

I changed my carb ratio at breakfast since my sugar was super high yesterday yet my post-bkfst BG still went up to near 300. I thought I might’ve had a defective pod/PDM but I’ve seen people on Reddit w/ similar complaints.

What’s the point of this if I have to be in manual mode all the time? I was hoping this would help me especially because I have a history of overnight lows. Very disappointed😞


What were you using before?

Omnipod Dash, and before that MDI. There was a brief time when I tried Medtronic but hated it.

Is it the algorithm you don’t like?

How about it you turn off the automatic stuff and just go manual with it? Would that be better?

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I felt forced to use manual mode after that low sugar I had, but I’m irritated that I have to go manual mode, considering the Om5 was supposed to be an upgrade. I know some are raving about it but it’s been useless for me.

I saw that Tandem’s Mobi (with the 4" infusion set) is expected to be released this year. That’s the one I want to try since Tandem’s algorithm is the one that the health professionals I know rave about. I never tried their pumps because I wanted a tubeless system but I think I can deal with a 4" tube.


im using aaps, but i can attest that it took a few pods and adjustments before it worked properly, even john58 said the omnipod5 took about 2 weeks for him to dial in…your settings are the most important, as the algorithms are depending on those… especially carb absorption, insulin to carb ratios, insulin sensitivity factors, etc…xdrip has most of these for its predicted lows so its a little easier if you are familiar, but if not, you may need to find out if 5 or 8 hours works better for your meals as far as absorbed carbs… as long as your predicted values are right, your pump should bolus/temp basal correctly…i would definitely wait and play with different settings before switching… its probably too new for your drs


Why was it giving me boluses overnight when my sugars were in the 70s-80s? I’m too scared to use automated mode overnight again. Does the Omni 5 still “learn” you when using manual mode? I didn’t find anything in the user guide about that.

You’re right about doctors. My endo said I’m the only patient she has on the Omnipod (Dash or 5), so everything I figured out on the Dash was on my own through trial and error.


i would double check all of the settings…i suspect your targets may not be correct… when i started, my target was 120-120 constantly giving basals, then temp basals, then no basals…had to figure out 90-140 works better for me, but i thought omnipod 5 was set to 110-150…might have to turn on low glucose suspension, but it sounds like some of the settings are off…definitely check glucose targets, carb absorption settings, insulin sensitivity factor, and insulin to carb

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Yeah, I did all the above before activating it.

i feel bad for your frustration… maybe double check all the settings and make sure they are all saved correctly? the aaps docs always stresses to save all your settungs… not sure about omnipod 5…curious to know if your predicted glucose values are in sync with the 5…i know it reads directly from the g6 transmitter, are you using dexcom clarity or xdrip?

Clarity. I looked into APS in the past but I found it overwhelming and over my head.

i almost gave up on aps too, but after a couple days i read the docs again, the key set up is very important to do correctly, but when that was done, it started working… there’s also an odd objectives learning program that you kind of have to complete before the closed loop will work, but overall, it seems more customizable, but also more user unfriendly than the omnipod5…i only chose aps because I’ve been dependant on the xdrip watchface since 2017, and when im driving its a lot easier to bolus on my watch…the aps wear app took me a little while also, so i agree it can seem overwhelming… maybe a stranger things Suzie friend could help… the insulet rep laughed at the watch question my dr asked him about… he said they are still working on getting the phones to work


@Sugarbeans how is it going with Om5 now? Hopefully better. My start on it was pretty rough too. Hang in there and keep trying! For me it was worth it, I am still very happy with it. My recent stats I was 80% auto mode and 20% manual, seems to work well.


I’ve remained in manual mode because of the scary hypo episode I had the first night. I want to believe it’ll get better but I’ve seen complaints from people on Reddit that it’s not working well for them even after 1-2 months. Others report good results but I don’t trust it enough to go back to automated mode.

Anyone know if the system still learns you when using manual mode?

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@Sugarbeans the system will not learn in manual mode (this is also true of Tandem). @RogerType1 's suggestions of checking the initial settings are sound. You can also back off your settings and go “looser” to give the system a larger or higher BG target range so you don’t go hypo. If I was in your situation, my target would be 110 - 150 or even 120-160. You can always tighten things up later when the system is dialed in.


My settings were already set correctly and I still don’t understand why it was giving me boluses when my sugars were below 120. The correct above setting was always to correct if my sugar was >120.

Thanks for answering re: manual mode, that’s what I suspected.

When you say this, do you mean that you verified that the numbers in the pump were the numbers that you intended to put into the pump? Or did you actually ran new tests to determine your correct carb ratio and insulin sensitivity, and then put those number in?

I apologize for asking that offensive question: my only intention to help. It turns out that closed-loop pumping is really intolerant of settings that aren’t the actual numbers that the body needs. It’s not enough to use numbers that worked just fine with the manual pump, because that’s a much more forgiving environment.


This should be in the manual of every Algo pump sold…


The settings for a manual pump are not exactly the same as the settings on an Algo pump. They are however a good place to start before you begin making refinements.


I wasn’t offended I’m just frustrated w/ my experience and that neither my Endo nor the Omnipod rep warned me about any of this.

I felt too sick to continue experimenting w/different settings on the Omnipod 5 so reverted to manual mode. When my sugars are high I get really lethargic, headache, dry mouth, and a nasty taste in my throat. The last time I tried automated mode (I think for breakfast yesterday), I tried a 1:5 carb ratio (whereas it’s 1:18 on the Dash) and BG still got close to 300 w/ an up-trending arrow and it took hours for my BG to get to normal. This happened at two different meals on two different days. I was on the couch feeling crappy while waiting for my sugar to drop. Not the way I wanted to spend my day off.

I have to go back to work on 7/6 and I won’t be able to function if I have to experiment w/settings and risk high sugars. I’m an RN and being hyperglycemic w/ those symptoms will make me useless on the job.

After that bad hypo the first night, I’m too scared to try automated mode overnight, especially since both my husband + I slept through the Omnipod 5 alarms. I’d be worried that it will once again give be boluses when my BG is good. I
think I’m just stuck having to use manual mode.

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