I hate the Omnipod 5 so far

i would also investigate if basals are turned off/ suspended when your bg is <=120mg/dl…i know it seems obvious, but it might still be a setting that needs to be turned on/off or authorized… also any insulin changes may greatly affect your insulin/carb and sensitivity factors…wasn’t sure if that was an issue or not…i know lyumjev usually costs the same as humalog, but seems a lot quicker… I’d also like to recommend xdrip and stress setting it up with customized alerts (using movie quotes, etc)that will definitely wake you up if you are low, high, predicted low, etc…or i guess spike if you prefer apple

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I had the hardest time (mentally) switching to a tubed pump, but the control I can achieve through Tandem with Control IQ is just so good in comparison to what I was able to get on the Omnipod Dash or MDI. Honestly, I HATED the tubing at first, like cried over it at times (ridiculous). I still don’t like having a tube, but it doesn’t bother me and I’ve never been able to get the control I have now.


How would I check to make sure basal are off in automated mode? I assumed they were since I wasn’t able to adjust them in that mode

Re: xdrip, is that looping? I have an Android, looked a few times into the APK thing but I felt really dumb and overwhelmed trying to figure it out.

Someone on Reddit said the Omnipod 5 is set to get the user on a 50-50 basal/bolus regimen. If that’s true, that could explain my problems with it, because I’ve never been on 50-50.

How is the Tandem re: discretion and tubes getting in the way? I tried the Medtronic system and quit after 1 day because it kept alarming during the night and suspended insulin due to low sugars. But my sugars weren’t low at all. Plus I hated their sales reps, I caught one of them Ina lie.

With my job, I don’t want tubes getting in my way but also I don’t want to advertise to the world that I’m diabetic. I’m sure you guys can relate to random strangers asking you why you’re eating this or that. I had a guy question me about pastries in my shopping cart once, because he saw my medical alert necklace. The pastries weren’t even for me, I was taking them to a meeting.

Isn’t Tandem set up the same way, i.e. it’s supposed to “learn” you over time? Is it set up to get you on a 50% basal, 50% bolus regimen?

I’ve been lurking on this thread as I’m a Tandem user and don’t know anything about the Omnipod.

I am also not a very technical user or member here. I get good control with the semi-automatic system that is Tandem’s.

The philosophy behind the system is learn as you go, so I can’t imagine that there is any point in adhering to a particular percent basal and bolus. You set a basal rate and then use the cgm and their system and your observations to make it work.

Good luck. Oh, and @beans_betes so great to read your post above, because I remember the questions and issues you had before trying it out. No one is a fan of tubing, but I think the tradeoff is worth it.


My very first training session was on Zoom, and I put on my first tubed set. I hung up, got up without thinking about the pump sitting on the desk and being attached to me and ripped the site out. Similar situations happened until this new thing that was attached to me by what I call my “tail” became second nature. I truly think this takes about 6 months. I was determined that no matter how much I hated it, I’d give it a SOLID try. I clip it to my pants (I usually don’t have pockets) and it’s fine mostly. It occasionally falls but doesn’t seem to rip out. If I’m cycling, hiking, rock climbing, going to the gym, I wear a SPI belt made for tubed pumps. I’ve tried a lot of systems, this works best. I don’t like the feel, but it stays put. I’m thinking of experimenting at the gym with just fully unplugging. For kayaking I use an Aquapac belt. Ugly, annoying to use, but works. Tube never is an issue at work (I’m in an admin role, but some classroom support like building tool kits in the studio.

Alerts are no different than Omnipod, and I put all on vibrate. I sleep with the tube stretched out and in my bed somewhere and never am bothered by it, since it keeps me totally flatlined during sleep. I roll all over the place, so I don’t like to clip it to me during sleep and roll on it. I’m used to grabbing my tail in the morning now LOL

I don’t know about it “learning” me. Maybe? I haven’t had it long enough, but my Endo picked the initial settings, and they mostly work. I do still go low during unplanned exercise, as I haven’t put it on exercise mode an hour pre workout, but I’m experimenting with this currently.

I’ve heard some people leave it in sleep mode, but I didn’t find that to be a benefit when I tried it for a day, but maybe I was too green to the system.

Different canula materials and angles are a benefit over the pod, but I haven’t found I have more canvas, which I was hoping for. I still use my stomach predominantly. The leg sites ripped out due to the struggle with the tube. With the pod, same issue, different cause (the pants would get caught on the pod. BUT, I did seem to have better absorption there with the Tandem than the pod, but still not a benefit if I can’t keep it there. The pod hurt my arms and I haven’t tried the tandem there yet, but I’m hoping with different canula options maybe it’ll be better.

Showering I unclip and don’t put it on suspend. I don’t have any issues with that. Baths are not great now, which I miss. I can’t relax knowing I’m going to go high from being unclipped, so I don’t often indulge in them.

Good luck with whatever you choose. Any system is still going to have pros and cons, but for me the control is what I choose to focus on as upmost importance now, where previously it was lifestyle and emotionally feeling good. Not to say I can’t focus on those with the tube, but it’s definitely more of a reminder that it’s there than the pod, no doubt about it.


No. Tandem does not learn you.

Tandem pump will increase/decrease/suspend basal, based on the basal settings you enter and trending cgm reading. There can be multiple profiles to customize for exercise, work days vs weekend, etc. For me, it often suspends too long, and wish it would resume basal sooner. I compensate by manual bolus (sometimes extended) to get results I want.


@Sugarbeans I wish you well with whichever system works for you and that you’ll let us all know! I highly recommend, though, holding the opinions of those that have actually used the products in higher regard than those that prescribe them, unless the prescriber has personal experience in using the products! Yes, my experience with docs is limited, and yes its counterintuitive, but it seems most T1s have a better grasp of works in most cases. As always, YDMV as do each of our situations.

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xdrip is on github…just look up recent nightly download and click on assets and try it out…might have to stop clarity… many on aps use it as a cgm collector and will send the values to aps since it’s Bluetooth, does not need internet, works with android/ google wear…i haven’t heard anything regarding 50/50 basal bolus, but everyone seems to agree there is an auto mode learning curve, just keep looking around the app under the preferences, pod preferences, basal delivery… look for hidden menus on different screens…maybe someone more familiar can chime in on basal suspension, but that could easily bring you hypoglycemia

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Sorry, when you say “keep looking around the app,” do you mean the Samsung app for the Omnipod 5? I have a Google Pixel, which isn’t supported.

sorry, i meant the pdm, or manual

I clicked on on the options under Settings in the PDM but didn’t see anything.

i read the manual and didn’t see anything that stood out…i suggest to have xdrip set up, pay close attention to setting up the predicted lows, and find some attention grabbing movie quotes or music to wake you when you are low, then try again…maybe in the daytime

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