OP5 question? Help l!

Hi all! First time poster here. Excited to get some insight!

So I’m on the Omnipod 5. First time ever being on a pump in 17 years of being T1D. It’s been sucky. Zero training, zero help from my endo, etc. so I finally have a new endo with a diabetes educator (yay) and they’re tweaking some things, but I feel like they’ll be too conservative and I’ll have a lot more highs than I already deal with.

My problem is now: my target is set at 140 at night, but often I’ll go into the 90s (I know - a good number - but not ready to be that low again yet) like my icr or correction is too much? How would I fix this? It makes me crazy because it either keeps me below or above my target but never on my target.

Also! I have gastroparesis. So does anyone like the op5 or the tandem better that may have it?

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Welcome. I just saw your post. I don’t use the Omnipod 5 but I’m hoping someone here in FUD that does use will chime in.

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So changing the ICR and Correction Factor won’t change anything that OP5 does on auto mode. It will only affect the corrections that you are manually giving yourself. The system ignores it all including Duration of Insulin.

The only thing that you can tweak that will make any difference in auto mode is your carb ratio. This system runs on Total Daily Dose. You can also manually bolus more often to add to the TDD but personally I’ve not had that method affect the algorithm much at all.

Is your Dexcom within sight of the pod?

What time of night are you getting to 90s? Is it within 4 hours of a meal or correction bonus?

If you feel unsafe at night you can set it to Activity Mode which will target 150 for up to 24 hours.

I’m sorry I can’t speak for gastroparisis. I hope someone else will chime in on that one. You can’t use a extended bolus in OP5 in auto mode. I will do two doses spread out when I need extra for fat/protein rises.


Hello, I know I am a little late, sorry just saw. I also am on o5 beginning in November of 22 and I have gastroparisis. My attempt at control has always been a battle. must admit I had better control before going to the O5, but I had a lot of lows overnight. My sugar likes to rise in the evening whether or not I eat. But overall I prefer the O5, still have problems with night time lows but they are getting better. Blousing is about the only place we have control over anything the O5 does.In the evening I start bolusing every hour until my bg levels out, rarely go over 200. I have bumped up my my correction dose to probably higher than I was used to but I feel we have to. The O5 at least for me stops basal doses when I do a correction, unlike the previous pods so I loose what would be given normally in basal. There is a lot of information on this site than anywhere I have found, and I look a lot.

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