Omnipod BG control

good day all, I have been trying to fight my evening spikes. Have been switching to manual mode with some success. Was reading an article on a lot of doctors are using time in range verses Aic, and in article that spoke of the standard range of 70-180 with a tight range of 80-140. then I was reading through Omnipod or actually on my controller that the o-5 works to keep you within the set range (wish I could remember where) any way I went into my history and saw that it really cuts back on basil when approaching the upper limit on its way down,
So any way I changed my target range to 80-140 and now when I am approach 140 going up it will increase my basal up to 0.25 depending on rise rate and coming down it will maintain a high rate until approaching 140 before cutting back.
have only been doing for a few days but my average BG has gone down, but my time in range has also drop, though that dosen’t concern me much.
My target is 110 with correct above 110 and been that way, It doesn’t much seem to be concerned much with the 110 target. Also noticed that it will stop basal when correcting below the high target, meaning when at say 150 and do a correction it will cut my basal down to zero. now if I do a correction at say again 150 it will keep basal going. it still will not take me to 110 but likes around 120 witch seemed to be a sweet spot both now and before.
Of coarse I am interested in any and all options. Thank you.

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That is very interesting information. I may adjust my range as well and see it that will help me get more basal. Thanks!

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@T1john That seems a very nice smooth graph! I’ve always wanted them to add a scale to the side, I think thats one reason I’ve always preferred the Sugarmate or Loop graphs, makes it obvious, though anyone owning the phone would know.

Want to add an update, that yesterday the highest I went was 175 and it kept me around 90 all night. This is my history from yesterday, even my total insulin was down from my normal 40+ units a day and yes my range is set at 80-140, the highs and lows were within the 70-180 old (for me) range.