Pesach and so much Matza

Wishing everyone a very Happy Passover and a word of caution about what you might be putting into your mouth. so much yummy food. so much sugar. so many carbs. not just at seder, but all week long. gotta love that matza :wink:

share your recipes!!!

(and a PS: to those of you who do not celebrate this Jewish holiday, Happy Easter :blush: )

(and to those of you who celebrate neither , wishing you health, wealth and happiness anyway)


Sorry, I don’t have any Passover recipes to share!

But for us, this year breakfast will be poached eggs with alfalfa sprouts and ham. And dinner will be lamb.

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@daisymae Thanks! I always take all blessings and all well wishes no matter if I celebrate or not. Someday I’ll get to enjoy seder! And I like lamb and ham! But @Eric I don’t get the alfalfa sprouts?!?

Come on California girl, you gotta know about this.

I don’t have my own picture, because it’s kinda like a breakfast diner when I am cooking it, the stuff moves too fast to get a pic.

But this is the idea:


Go to the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco for weekend brunch some time, they make a good one.

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happy passover as well :)…i dont have any recipes as im not a good cook and my family does the cooking. its better that way

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Happy Passover and Happy Easter !!!