Patches for your devices

Nice review of cgm and pump patches currently available.


Fascinating use of the number “eight”; I count five. My current patches for both my G6 and Omnipod are the Lexcam ones:

80USc per patch, so 8c/day, and:

90USc per patch, so 30c/day.

I’ve been using these since Feb last year for the G6 and July last year for the Omnipod. I’ve had one “sweat off” event with one of the Omnipods and I was able to fix that with the really big 3M tegaderm patches that I buy in boxes of 50:

They are expensive (74USc each) but I only use them to rescue pods that are threatening to disembarque, I haven’t had to buy another pack since Feb 2018.

Lexcom G6 patches are excellent; they have a small removal tab which allows you, or an assistant, to put the patch over the G6, stick it in place, then remove the majority of the backing before getting the whole thing stuck in the correct place.

The Omnipod patches remove the adhesive in halves and can be challenging to use. I had to throw away two before getting the third attached correctly; the Omnipod was on my back. Now if only there was a way to pair two iPhones so the assistant can take a picture of my back, project it to my iPhone and I can then see the patch not-reflected

Both products have a four stage protective cover removal; two pieces of adhesive backing (white, should be obvious to anyone but isn’t) then colourless with a blue stick-on indicator of where to peel. The latter is on the top and keeps the actual adhesive film flat while it is applied, the result is a very light-weight, transparent (almost invisible) and highly adhesive film.

One down-side is that the film is hair-adhesive; epilate first.


I’m all in on Simpatch for Dexcom. It’s just like KT Tape, feels great to wear, and IF the edges start to peel (because you’re pushing 20+ days) you can trim them back to a smooth curve to prevent catching, or just slap another one on top. It’s $18 for a 25 pack, but I honestly couldn’t be happier. I did just get my free Dexcom overpatches though, so I’ll have to try those out too!

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