Paging Dr. Rose

Where are you?

She has not logged in yet.

Darn. I need someone to yell at😉

She’ll be there soon :slight_smile: Give her a few more days! She is dealing with a few alligators.

I hope everything is okay with rose. She has helped me personally on multiple occasions.


I, too, am missing :rose: 's perspectives…

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Missing Rose. :: sniffles ::

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Give her our love next time you’re in touch with her. :bouquet:


If you really want to reach Rose, look to Twitter.

I wish I hadn’t seen that… now I’m becoming concerned


I am NOT concerned!

In fact, I just talked to Rose :slight_smile: She is still fighting her alligators, but she will soon be through. She intends to log in as soon as she can! :smile:

awesome news. I miss Rose as well.

Someone who has invite ability please invite her via email and let me know as soon as that’s done so I can tell her to check. She won’t check email unless someone specifically tells her to “check it right now” and it’s the most recent message

Just resent


I believe she has taken to living on the streets and chanting “you will not divide us” alongside Shia Labeouf

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Perhaps she is in a 4th cabin?

When I was young, my step-dad told me…the only difference in a crazy man and an eccentric man is how much money they have. I tend to agree.

I’m hoping to someday make it to eccentric

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Aren’t we all!

She will get here! And once she is here, she will be very present :slight_smile: