Our best 12 hour flat line sofar

There’s one bump but besides this one bump, his BG’s were between 90 - 110 for over 12 hours. The full time was 15 hours before more roller coaster lines started appearing. This was from a few days ago - I’m just getting around to posting it.


Looks very good! Nice work.

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@ClaudnDaye Awesome!!! You must be doing something right!

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Just trying to be unlimited! Normal kids can eat sweets whenever they want…although parents of course restrict it. I think it’s on all parents of T1’s to try and make sure their T1 kids CAN enjoy the same foods as their other kids, if they can figure out how. Can’t ever do that w/o lots of icecream eating for tests! :stuck_out_tongue:


@ClaudnDaye, what a fabulous line, congratulations! I hope you get many more of these!