Omnipod+libre2 loop kit ? Help

Hello everyone! Congrats to anyone who has built their own loop…so incredible!! Hoping someone can help steer me in the right direction here. Looking for a loop diy for omnipod which I have the pdm and have been using for about 5 years. Just read its possible to loop. I also use the libre 2 cgm. Now do I definitely need to get a MacBook to build the app and run the program off an iPhone or does anyone know anything about windows and Android?? Sooo much going on here its very overwhelming lol. But I would be open to changing equipment or buying whatever is needed. Someone has to be selling these somewhere lol


Well, there will be a number of folks along shortly that are omnipod looping. It is a popular option around here. We are on the Tandem, so not for us, but you should be armed and dangerous soon.


@Ausy1, I am right now going through it myself, but with Dexcom, not the Libre. I have built and loaded the app into my iPhone, and I am now running it in open loop. I am trying to determine the settings quality data, so I am taking a few days for that.

I believe that I read that the Libre was closing off the ability to close-loop with it, and all 3rd party systems will stop working with the new generation. That also means, I think, no looping. But I may be wrong. @ClaudnDaye, do you know? For me, I am using Dexcom + Omnipod.

  • There is a summary of loop setup in a wiki on this site. I am unable to find the data for you right now, but I may be able to do so this weekend.

  • @ClaudnDaye wrote an excellent document on setting up Nightscout, very thorough, that @Michel started setting up as a wiki but never finished: I used it to set up Nightscout as well.

You do with Loop. But:

I believe you can do the same on Windows and Android with OpenAPS. I am not 100% sure if we have OpenAPS people on this site. @Chris, @docslotnick, do you know?

I love my pods and I don’t want to change that :slight_smile: But I think you may have to switch from the Libre to the Dexcom. Again, I am not super sure. There.

I will be posting my progress on FUD. I will also try to find the documents I mentioned for you.

@Michel, can you post the final wiki for @ClaudnDaye’s document?


You can use Libre but with Spike. The looped group can get @Ausy1 up and running with some effort.

Since Libre is not native to Loop, ausy will need to use Spike and a Loop Spike Branch. (Join the looped FB group if you haven’t already, search Cal Young Spike). Cal Young has maintained a Loop Spike version in her Github. You’ll want to join the Spike group and will need a Maio Maio. and along with the Facebook group are probably the best places to start.


Also, you can build the Loop app on Windows if you use a MacOS VM. This is also explained in the Loop documentation here and it provides you with a link to step by step instruction including downloading required Mac image and VM sw.

And if you are willing to use something other than Loop, some use AAPS-Omnipod, and xDrip+ with Libre (similar to Spike on iPhone) on their Android phone.

When I started on Loop in May 2019, AAPS-Omnipod did not exist so I switched to iPhone so I could use Loop with Omnipod. I did (and still do) use AndroidAPS on my Android (in open loop though) and xDrip+ and find them very useful for viewing BG and pump data.

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I can’t answer about the Omnipod end of the system since I’m not looping myself. However, I got the Libre 2 last week and am using it with XDrip. It’s done through a patched version of the LibreLink app, Android only:

It’s working well, and I don’t even need a separate Bluetooth transmitter. LibreLink sends values to XDrip every minute, and this is the calibrated output of the secret Abbott algorithm. I think it’s a big improvement over my previous solution involving a transmitter on top the Libre 1.

If you decide to try it, I’ll be happy to help you with the patching process. It can be a little tricky.


Hi, I’ve never heard of this but would love to be able to do this! im not amazing with tech stuff, i downloaded the xdrip app but am confused as to how to download the patched version of the libre app? help would be amazing, thank you for posting about this I had no idea it existed!

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Hi @eva - welcome to FUD! I can’t answer your question myself, but I think that the links above will help you, or at the very least put you in touch with people who can.

Good luck!!

depends on which libre2 you are using. the patch will work on the European libre2, however, in the us, you have to use an app called juggluco, send it to xdrip, then send the values to android APS. in theory, it should work, but the aaps app takes a little while to build, need to stick to the omnipod dash, and wil definitely need to build a nighrscout account, as it is pretty much the easiest way for your provider to see any type of history or reports…hopefully you already have a nightscout app…

@RogerType and @eva 1 I believe there is a patch or methodology for using Loop with Libre2 also, but believe it depends on using Nightscout as the source of Libre2 data vice a direct read by Loop. I have not used it and only mention it is an option to investigate. I prefer a direct read to lessen the number of moving parts that can complicate basal/bolus applications.