AndroidAPS w/ Omnipod Dash for dummies?

I’m the dummy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I absolutely hate the Omnipod 5 and want to try Looping w/ my Dash instead, but I’m feeling really overwhelmed and dumb getting started. I managed to build the app but I’m not clear on the Nightscout/xdrip+ thing…I have an Android phone and thought the other app needed was -either- Nightscout or xdrip+, is that right?

In the app setup, on the “NSClient” screen, it says “enter Your Nightscout URL” and the “NS API secret.” At the top it says “You can skip this part now but you will not be able to pass objectives until you set it up.” What do I enter here? I know there are Facebook groups on this but I hate Facebook and do not want to use it.

Thank you!

Thanks for asking that question is I was totally stumped by exactly the same things.

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@Sugarbeans I’m on an iPhone using Loop_dev, vice AAPS, but believe the Nightscout setup is the same. When you’re creating your NS account, you have to setup a password (NS API Secret) (Configure your Nightscout - Nightscout) to access the account via web or app interface. Its 12 characters long with a mix of upper case/lower case, numbers, special characters. Hope this is what you’re asking about, if not, please clarify.
As to FB, I don’t like it either, but using FB for Loop is almost essential. The only other real help available is ZulipChat ( for dev and I believe it contains a forum for AAPS as well, or the AAPS website or LoopnLearn website (

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I am not sure why they have made Looping so much harder for Android users than iPhone users. Can’t someone just port the code over from the iPhone stuff?

Doing it with the iPhone is pretty simple.

Is it the Dexcom interaction that messes everything up with Android?

Anyway, I’m sorry I have no advice to give you on this because I am using an iPhone. But I wish you the best of luck and I hope to read that you are able to get it setup! :+1:

apparently you can build your own dexcom app(byoda), but xdrip is still my favorite android app, although you now have to use wear installer to download xdrip and the aaps wear app(which also has to be built) to your wear os watch(not sure if you have one or not) but it definitely helps, as you don’t have to check your phone… aaps wear also lets you bolus on your watch which is quicker…the aaps app uses xdrip or whichever app you choose for your dexcom readings, xdrip will also predict highs and lows hours or minutes ahead of time which is extremely useful… most people on android use xdrip as its Bluetooth based, and nightscout for reports…the nightscout url will timeout after 15 minutes, which is the reason why the api secret is needed…feel free to ask any questions although if you look up xdrip settings, there are lots of recommended settings

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i don’t think looping is more difficult on android vs apple, and once the 1-8 objectives are completed, it actually works very well. i haven’t reverted to manual or open at all, seems like the o5 still has issues with meals…however, since xdrip is the dexcom collection unless you opt for the byoda, it is a lot easier if you are already using xdrip as your bg source…nice because it sounds like some people have had success with libre2 and xdrip as well. the aaps wear app is great for boluses on your watch or temp targets during meals, but i still prefer the xdrip watchface(with the day and date) and low bg, predicted low bg, rising fast bg, high bg notifications which are sent to the watch and Bluetooth headphones… ive also tried the dexcom clarity app, but didnt see any options for custom notifications for bg options, so back to xdrip…


Very strange I have the same tick watch pro and use xdrip and my blood sugar is also currently 98. Do I need night scout to bolus on my watch or can I do it without it? I use tslim not omnipod does that make a difference?

i don’t think it makes a difference, but the aaps wear app is a different apk build, pretty much the exact same, but just change to wear apk per the read the docs instructions, as far as importing or installing on your watch, you’ll need to use wear installer, and might have to reset the watch, router, phone, etc, seems to use a lot if memory and wouldn’t work for me until i reset everything