First time Android APS, Omnipod, Xdrip+ G6 Config

Hi All,

I’ve done my best to follow the directions on AndroidAPS Omnipod Insulin Pump Driver Documentation — AndroidAPS 2.8 documentation and AndroidAPSdocs/ at master · openaps/AndroidAPSdocs · GitHub to try to set up a new loop.

Right now it seems as though AAPS isn’t getting data from xdrip+ although it was selected for BG source and Xdrip+ has G6 as its source and is setup to broadcast inter-app to AAPS on a phone that was shown to work on the spreadsheet of working phones.

Does anyone have any additional resources or stories of things working? It seems like the AAPS session is up and running with the pod but I don’t see any blood sugar info.

Thank you!

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I use older versions of both of these apps for their informative data, and only use AndroidAPS in open loop. I use DIY Loop on iOS. I think you have these settings but I just wanted to confirm…

AndroidAPS - Config Builder, xDrip should be selected as BG Source.

xDrip+ Settings - Inter-app settings - Broadcast Locally set to ON


Fantastic thank you, I have a variety of android and ios devices and am hoping to get something to work. I’ll give that a go, perhaps also look for a chat room although I didn’t see a specific night scout room for that. And yes, those setting were selected on both sides which made it pretty confusing when the xdrip+ area of the app came up empty. Perhaps its an android 10 issue although instructions said to make sure everything was the most recent release (if i read them correctly).


Both AndroidAPS and Nightscout use discord chat on the WeAreNotWaiting server:


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Look in the docs for Identify receiver…it should read info.nightscout.androidaps
Worked for me when I set mine up.

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Sorry I was at work when i first responded her eis the link…

Identify receiver

  • If you discover problems with local broadcast (AAPS not receiving BG values from xDrip+) go to Settings > Inter-app settings > Identify receiver and enter info.nightscout.androidaps .
  • Pay attention: Auto-correction sometimes tend to change i to capital letter. You must use only lowercase letters when typing info.nightscout.androidaps . Capital I would prevent AAPS from receiving BG values from xDrip+.xDrip+ Basic Inter-app Settings Identify receiver

Thank you! It has been an adventure setting everything up but I am certainly glad I did. I hesitated on entering that because I wasn’t broadcasting to nightscout but eventually realized that was their naming convention for the java. Tweaking the basals has been fun. It gave me a better idea of how the Lantus curve actually was.


Glad I could help!!! I love what it has done for my numbers…good luck and have fun with it!!!