User reviews of OmniPod DASH


Thanks so much for paying this link, @CatLady!

There seems to be a contradiction in the article. One part indicates it is possible to get replacement lithium batteries, the other does not.

To be honest, I am horrified by the 24 hour autonomy of the DASH, that is truly awful.

The [PDM] battery lasts approximately a day.

What? Really? What a downer. I would hate to have a power outage. Even the old Dexcom G4 receiver could last about 3-days without a recharge of the Li-Ion battery. I guess I need to buy some solar panels to carry around with me and never go to the north in the winter.

  • With the DASH it takes seven gestures to get to the bolus button – more if you don’t realize the PDM is upside-down: 1 button to light the screen, 1 swipe, and a 4-digit passcode then enter. The old system was four gestures.

And with the old system you can do the do the 4 gestures blindfolded and possibly upside down.

Seems like a step-backwards to me :frowning: Hopefully these issues will be worked out.


Oops, sounds like a lead balloon.

They emailed me a month ago that a “specialty pharmacy” would be in touch about supplying the new pods, my doctor received paperwork, but nothing has happened.

I think I’m going to give it a miss at this point and go back to trying to get the rileylink stuff up and running with the old pods.

The idea of a battery that doesn’t last more than 24 hours weirds me out, big time. I use a cellphone that simply doesn’t work in the US (i.e. doesn’t have any cellular connectivity; I’ve got a wifi hotspot when I’m out of the house) simply because it just runs for 3+ days.

Oh well. Plus ça change plus la Medtronic.

John Bowler

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I got to “test drive” the Dash before it was released and thought it was just clunky. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@CatLady I read the review and it said the PDM was the same size as the old one. I did not think that was possible… but I guess anything is possible.

@jbowler plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose :joy:

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The logical next step from here would be to just let the PDM be another app on a regular smartphone. I understand that there are security concerns, but it still seems really unnecessary to carry around a separate device. It would make so much more sense to just use the one that everyone already uses anyway.


For those people trying to get the Dash (or, indeed, still using the old pods) it is now available as a “pharmacy” benefit, subject to approval by your insurance company. I just talked to Insulet to try to find out why the “specialty pharmacy” that was going to “reach out to me in a few days” hadn’t contacted me in a month. Simple - Insulet no longer does business with that pharmacy (ADS), so I got Insulet to swap my records to record Walmart as my pharmacy and am getting a prescription.

I didn’t have any problem before when I swapped my G6 supply to Walmart (from EdgePark) so I’m assuming that Walmart will be able to order from Insulet, though I’m also pretty sure it will be the first time the local Walmart did it (I was their first G6 customer.)

One strange thing about the Dash pharmacy benefit is that it is a 5-pack; a 15 day supply. I also have to ring up Insulet when the prescription is going through to have them send me the new “Android Things” PDM.

For those who want the numbers, the National Drug Code:

“Omnipod Dash 5-pack pod” (or, sometimes, “cartridge”): 08508200005

And the OLD UST400 PDM pods (a ten pack): 08508112005

My insurance company (moda) covers both of these as a pharmacy benefit, although apparently the old pods can also be done as a medical device. I had a check run and I’m approved for the new pods as well as the old, nothing to pay (until next year of course.)

John Bowler

Very interesting post, I had never really considered switching to OmniPod but the idea of the DASH being controlled by a phone was intriguing. One thing that stuck out to me was this:

One other thing that bugs me about the DASH, but it could just be me – in dialing in BG numbers, the HI has been moved to over 599 – really! 599! It would be easier to get to numbers if they reduced the HI to a max of 400.

Do you still have to scroll through numbers in their bolus calculator even now that the PDM is touchscreen? That’s what it sounds like to me, which seems… quite odd. Unless Tandem somehow has bolus calculator with a number pad included in their patents I can’t imagine why you’d want to design it that way