Bye-Bye Eros PODs (Being discontinued in the US on 12/31/2023)


Oh :poop:!!!


Even before I read this announcement, we had initiated conversion over to the Dash PODs since Omniloop (v 3.0) supports DASH AND it eliminates the need for the RL. So we were moving anyway…this just nudges those who weren’t so sure about the move/end-of-life support for the Eros PODS. It was bound to happen one day!


It sucks, but I started working on my transition plan a few months ago.

And it won’t be with any of the PDM’s that Insulet provides. :wink:


I haven’t used a PDM for…5 years? Maybe more?


What steps are you taking? :thinking:


I need to share a full BIG post on all of this sometime. I have been pinging people on different threads asking about various things for months! Many different things.

I have gotten info from @ClaudnDaye, @bkh, @TomH, @Trying, and many others about some stuff.

A huge shout out and thanks to you all! :heart:

Part of the challenge for me is that I can’t use a phone to bolus while running. It just sucks tremendously. The old PDM was easy. But all phone systems suck for that.

Using Loop and an Apple Watch, a bolus is possible. It’s actually super easy. But the watch did not ever give a success or failure message. No matter what I tried.

Also, I had to change to sensitivity on the watch to make it easy to increment my bolus in the small 0.5 amounts. By default, it increments in much larger amounts. Can’t have that while running!

And I had to make it easy to see the bolus on my phone. More code changes to Loop. (I have shared that already. The big bolus screen with the bright yellow splash!)

But how to wear the watch so it is easy to use but is not in the way, and be able to see the phone while running. More building and inventing…

Anyway, a lot of stuff to share and post about. But I think it will be great. For as long as they keep the Dash pods available. :pray:


Wow, that gives us nearly a year to upgrade to Dash. I still have a bunch of Eros pods which I will use up before I switch. Next step is making a Dr appt to get a new script for Dash. I haven’t switched to Loop 3.0 yet either as my current version works fine for me. I also have a few code modifications which I’ll likely need to add to Loop 3.0. @Eric, I sometimes use my watch to bolus, too, and it does beep to let me know the bolus succeeded. I just tried it again, bolused 0.025U, and on success, it shows the a green check mark and beeps (sort of a trill sound).


Can you send me your “BolusInterfaceController.swift” file from the watch directory?

It is located here:

\$SOURCEDIR\LoopWorkspace\Loop\WatchApp Extension\Controllers\BolusInterfaceController.swift


Sent via DM. That file seems to no longer exist in the main branch (v3.0) on github :frowning:


Arghhhh! I figured it would happen when they have brought out the new 5. Cuts down costs. But I’m still not happy about it.

But I have a couple of questions for the Dash system. Do you still have to use their phone they send you as the PDM? And do you have to get the updates they send? Lol… I don’t trust updates.


No. Go Looping, @Marie!

You bring your phone in the water anyway, right?
:ocean: :turtle:

With Dash, if you use Loop, all you need is your iPhone.

And now they have a way you can install it simply, and without being a computer geek. @TomH has posts about that.


@Marie First, I apologize as I don’t recall what you’re using, sounds like Omnipod Classic/Eros. As @Eric states you don’t have to use the Insulet PDM (phone unit) unless you want to use it as Insulet intended. If you’re willing to use DIY software and put in a little time and effort, you can use other software (Loop [iPhone required], AndroidAPS, FreeAPS, etc.) to control the Dash pods and integrate Dexcom or Libre to form an AID (Automated Insulin Delivery) system. You don’t have to be a programmer or have significant technical capabilities; that said, it can be intimidating on first read, but it’s very doable if you can read and follow directions. If interested, Google search any of the names mentioned. Also, Tidepool Loop just received FDA clearance this past week and may become available from the Apple store with a prescription sometime in the next few/several months if you’re willing to wait.

If you’re interested in Loop, first read the LoopDocs. It has all the background, options, and instructions you’ll need; my warning (this coming from someone that rarely reads the docs): read ALL of the docs before starting! You may also want to check out the LoopandLearn website ( and the Looped group on Facebook. If you use Loop, ensure you frequently visit Loop Zulipchat ( to stay aware of critical Loop developments. There are now two methods of building the Loop program and transferring to your iPhone: 1) Have a Mac and use Xcode to compile and transfer to your iPhone; 2) Use Github ( to compile and Apple TestFlight to transfer to your iPhone. If you have further questions, several here on FUD use Loop, don’t hesitate to ask questions (click on the Magnifying glass icon at the top of the FUD window, search for “Loop”, pick an appropriate stream).

Note: DIY Loop is NOT FDA cleared/approved; YOU are responsible for it’s use; your Endo/Doc may not support Loop’s or other DIY software’s use.


If you’re a non-programmer, all you have to do is follow the guide, step-by-step…there has been exhaustive work put into the development and documentation to make it as seemless as possible. It may look overwhelming, but if you don’t look at the “big picture” and; instead, just take it step-by-step (and go slowly), you’ll be fine.


@TomH The problem becomes is I have an iphone and not an Apple computer (or access). It becomes much more intricate. I think I remember needing nightscout or xdrip too? I kept trying in steps and about a year ago finally said I am going to do this. I had to download Heroku and two other things and it said it was ready to go and in the end could not get them to connect together. They give you the fix for the error message I got, but then becomes a bunch of computer speak that I don’t understand. I was already looking up terms to even get to that point. I don’t have the upgraded Apple program, but I don’t mind getting it. The next step was to either try again, which through all those steps probably isn’t going to happen or download the Apple computer part onto my PC which I guess you can do. But, lol after spending around 6 hours of frustration trying to get it to work last time… not very likely at least for a while!

But yes I am using the Omnipod Eros classic. I can switch to Dash, I guess not a biggy, but a lot of people didn’t like it as much as the Eros. Plus originally I kept considering looping and the Eros was the only one that would at the time.


I don’t think you need any of those things anymore.


That is correct…you no longer need a Mac to loop. The thought leaders at Omniloop have figured out work-arounds for most every “trouble” area that people encountered. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I didn’t have a clue they had changed it! That is good news!!! So I might have to try it. I will have to dig up my RileyLink (or wait until I get the have to have Dash anyways) and then get over the pit in my stomach from thinking about what it was like before…:upside_down_face:


@Marie This is quite long and I would have sent DM to you, but think there may be some others here interested.

You are correct the previous LoopDocs made it sound like Nightscout, Heroku, and MongoDB were required; they actually weren’t unless you wanted them for data analysis, etc. They are not required now either, unless you want/need to do data analysis, monitor a remote person’s CGM/insulin status, or to use Nightscout for remote bolusing (parent for a child, nurse for nursing home patient, etc.). That doesn’t sound like a need for you now, but keep these in mind for possible future use.

As you don’t have a Mac, the Xcode build process isn’t available; that’s fine, while doable, it’s more intimidating but allows more modification. That leaves the Github build method and the requirements for it are at: GitHub Build Overview - LoopDocs and include:

  • An iPhone
  • A compatible pump (presumably Dash in your case, others are supported)
  • A compatible CGM (Dexcom G6, G7, other, for Libre see the last para below)
  • A Github account (free), at, click the “Sign Up” icon.
  • A Apple Developer account ($99/year) at
  • A pure text editor (Windows: Notepad, Apple: Notes, other).
  • You also have to install the TestFlight app on your iPhone from the Apple App Store.

The instructions at GitHub First-Time - LoopDocs contain all the information you need and step-by-step instructions to build Loop. If something doesn’t work or you get an error, you can start over. If something isn’t clear, post on Loop ZulipChat (use the Build Issues stream), LoopandLearn Group or Looped Group on Facebook. (Please do NOT post on all three, the admins/monitors are pretty much the same and it creates extra work).

Realizing you’re sensitive to “computer speak,” be aware the entire process requires a few passwords, keys, IDs, and a token:

  • At Apple:
    • Your login for your Apple account (email address/password)
    • Developer Account TEAMID
    • Developer Account FASTLANE_ISSUER_ID
    • Developer Account FASTLANE_KEY_ID
    • Developer Account FASTLANE_KEY
  • On GitHub:
    • GitHub Personal Access Token named GH_PAT
    • A GitHub password named MATCH_PASSWORD

Follow the steps at GitHub First-Time - LoopDocs to setup the accounts, IDs, Keys, and token. You can use any Mac or Windows browser, your iPhone (even Android) browser, or a tablet (Android or iPhone). But, the program must be used on an iPhone. The first time Loop is built takes more steps: setting up the above accounts, IDs, passwords, keys, and token. Subsequent builds take much less time and effort as you’ve already established all of that and pretty much just ensuring you have the latest code on GitHub (a very simple process, explained at GitHub Update - LoopDocs).

The build process occurs on-line, the resulting code is stored at GitHub, and the resulting program is transferred to Apple for you to access via TestFlight. You can watch the build process (all you’ll see is a minute timer tick by the process occurs in the background); it takes 20-30 minutes as long as there are no errors. Errors are possible (almost always due to not following the directions); if you get one, don’t be frustrated, just start over with the IDs, passwords, keys you already set up and go back over the instructions carefully. If you can’t find the mistake, post on ZulipChat or one of the Facebook Groups including at what step of the process, the error listed, screenshots help. If you still can’t resolve it, it’s not uncommon for one of the admins/monitors to offer a one-on-one session to help out (but this is not guaranteed and should not be expected). If the build completes with no errors, you’ll see a green check mark on the web page and you’ll receive an email telling you completed successfully. Then you’ll get another email stating you have program available in TestFlight to transfer and run on your iPhone with a link to it. Click on the link, transfer and open the program and you’ll start thru the Loop On-Boarding process where you enter your therapy settings, select your CGM and pump, and start Looping.

BTW, an even simpler update process is in the works, but not complete as yet. When completed, after the initial build it will automatically update the code, rebuild the app, and even transfer the updated app to your iPhone without your involvement; you will have to select the options for each of these steps during a “manual” build.

I hope this is helpful. If not, then Dash or other pumps are still an option to replace your Eros pods and you have several months to consider them. Either way, I don’t own Insulet stock, don’t make money, and don’t benefit from Dash or Loop use. I figure I’m paying back the many talented people that created Loop to benefit their own family members and many others around the world it works for, including myself.

BTW, @Marie, I’m not aware of any Eros capability (per your comments) that Dash does not have, but I’ve never used Eros. Perhaps others here at FUD can comment. If advantages exist and they can be regained in Loop, the developers are very accepting of recommended Loop additions/modifications.

For those interested, there are a few different versions of Loop available with the Github build process: Loop 3.0 described above; two versions, one with Custom Type One Loop Patches and one for use with the Libre CGM, are available at GitHub Build – Loop with Patches | Loop and Learn.

Warning: Loop is not an FDA cleared/approved application. Loop has no certification from any governing body as being suitable for the purposes described here. Some medical doctors/practitioners will not support its use. YOU assume all risks and responsibility for Loops use and function. The poster is NOT a doctor and has NO medical license or training.


Wow @TomH That’s a wonderful reply! Thank You! At the time I was trying to set it up there were others that were interested and like me having a hard time going through the steps. This is a very well done explanation of what you need!