Help starting out on Loop

I had been impatiently waiting for the Omnipod comm protocol to be cracked to set my son up with Loop. Well, now is the time!

Not wanting to waste any time, I just purchased a MacBook for the specific purpose of programming an implementation of Loop for my son—I had not purchased a Mac in the last 15 years I think…

Can I get some advice from Loopers on starting out?

what info do you need? i have a mac and love it :smile:

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wait did they crack the Omnipod protocol? Or you’re getting him a tubed pump?

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Hate to say, but work on omnipod drivers is still in progress, and Loop does not support Omnipod comm protocol just yet. Please be patient.

[edit] Oh, I guess your question was just about setting up a new Mac? I do not even remember if there was anything special there to do other than going through a few generic setup questions. Enjoy the new Mac!

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I bought my wife a Mac about 2 years ago when our last pc laptop broke… I know she loves it and we’ve had none of the problems we used to have with pc, but i never bothered to learn how to use it… they confuse me, and I really don’t need a computer at this point in my life

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My boats anchors are about 20,000 lbs

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I know! But I think it is getting close. So I figure I should start setting up anyway.

No, I really mean Loop! I can find my way around a Mac, it is Loop I could use a few starting tips on.

Thanks so much @amymc! I’ll be sure to ask whenever the Mac mystifies me!

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You can go ahead and install Xcode. Then you could download and install Loop on iPhone, but Loop would not work without a comm device (RileyLink) and a compatible pump. For omnipod, RileyLink firmware will be different, so I would not recommend getting one just yet.

The Loop installation guide is very much step-by-step, excellent:

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@Michel - If you want to try loop, why not try with one of the older Medtronic units. When the omnipod is ready, you could switch back to the pods?

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I would consider but these older units are quite expensive to buy just for a test. They typically cost $1,000-$3000, and the low end is hard to find. Do you know how to get them for less?

Of course, I just dropped $1.3K on a MacBook Pro just for Loop…


Great, thank you. I have looked at it, but was not sure if there were better resources somewhere that I should look at instead.

The Loop doc is by far the best resource, very detailed, written by an expert T1D mom, should be relatively straightforward to follow. But, let me know if anything is unclear of any issues come up - it’s a live document, can be improved further.

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medwow site but I assume you already looked. Equipment of course changes constantly.

If I was interested in loop, I would buy this one ASAP. Worth the chance. If it works - great. If not - minimal loss.
Year: 2008 (estimated)
Location: Wisconsin
Description: “Insulin pump, Medtronic Minimed Paradigm 715. Great condition. Works perfectly.”

That’s not too bad. It might already be gone - DIY loopers are fetching these pumps in a matter of minutes from the time they show up.

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The problem with doing all of this is that you have a limit on how long this will last. Once the new PDM comes out, they will be phasing out production on the old pods. At most you get 4 years before they are not available anymore. It’s a different thing than the medtronic loops where all you need to replace is infusion sets. The old pods will not be available indefinitely.

Then you will have to hope the new system is hacked, or you will have to use their algorithms.

Anyway, if you want to invest in it, that’s fine, but keep in mind it will have a limited lifespan.

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No doubt about it. But 4 years is an infinity right now.

And, if I need to, I will buy a 4-year reserve of pods for his college years if that’s what I need to do. It would be worth it to possibly save his life and my sanity while he is in college.

Occasionally they might be found on eBay for less.

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