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New member here, type 1 for 37 years. I recently started using the ominpod last week (my first pump) and I’m looking into open/closed loop systems but I’m finding it very hard to find a good basic wiki/faq. The fact that people refer to it as “looping” seems to result in all google searches returning info on only the brand Loop. Every time I think I have found a good source of info collected into one spot, it find it’s outdated. Any help on where to start would be appreciated. I’m looking for info on the guts of the basic system. As an example, for using the Loop algorithm with omnipod you need an apple device, cgm and rylelink (sp?). I use android exclusively and as of right now, I’m unwilling to migrate to Apple, so I’m looking for the relevant parts of the system for android. I’ve found an article and I’m wondering if it is still relevant, but I can’t post a link as a new member. If you google “choices for diy loops” it’s the first result from a website called diabettech. Thanks for looking!

Hi @Hobbzz, Loop is an open-source (meaning created by individuals, rather than a company) system for automatically dosing insulin. It is only built for Apple. If you want an Android alternative you can look at openAPS. However, I’d say openAPS is more challenging to build, so if you are not a technical person it might be a lot for you. And you’d be investing more, because you cannot use openAPS with the Omnipod, you need to find a used (out of warranty) Medtronic 722/3 pump which has old version software on it.

Our son Loops and started about 4 months after his diagnosis. However, if I was in your shoes I’d look into just getting used to the Omnipod and doing manual boluses via a pump first.


Thanks for clearing that up!

The page that everyone here to loops uses is . If you want to read up on tweaking it, see . See also for facebook and Zulip chat options.

I myself have never been a mac person, but I followed instructions using my relatively new Windows 10 laptop and was able to build it just fine. Just take your time and ask lots of questions in the facebook group. It is so worth it!


Thanks for the info! Currently looking into pricing for either dexcom or medtronic but I have pathetic insurance so I’ll have to see how that pans out first.

Like you, @Hobbzz, I am also an Android user. Hwr, I am now also an iPhone user solely just for Loop. From my 6+ month experience thus far, I would hate to give it up. I not only have improved control but it is so much easier to achieve improved BG control. My bad days are mostly due to changing the dexcom sensor.

You could look into AndroidsAPS which runs on Android. I believe the developer of OmniPy is working on a new release which would act as a pump plug-in to AndroidAPS.

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You probably are looking for xxxxx xxxxx **) (Besides omnipy, a second route is omnicore, mentioned there with a link, as well. Both are still in experimental stage and not officially released as options under the AndroidAPS umbrella). **) As a new member, I am not allowed to put the link in - so in github look for /winemug/omnipy/wiki :wink:

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@BenD thanks, yes, omnivcore is the next Gen of omnipy, right? Are you using it? I also use AndroidAPS on my Android phone.

No, I am using a Combo pump with AndroidAPS. After some intital struggles have been very happy running it (for nearly 2 years) with G5 , xDrip+ , and a Xiaomi phone (currently Note7).

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