Sooil Dana RS in the US

I’m new to this forum but I have enjoyed reading peoples experiences with their Closed/Open Loop systems. I live in San Francisco, CA and have been using an open loop system on my Android phone, connected to my Dexcom G5 via xDrip+ and AndroidAPS. I then manually input my commands into my Omnipod PDM, a less than ideal solution but I’m patient and the results are great.

This brings me to what I’m working on now which is getting hold of a Dana RS pump in the UK (I’m from there) and eventually running a closed loop. I’d like to know if anybody reading this has a Dana RS here in the states and would be willing to share their experience with getting the system running well on AndroidAPS?


@sanfran, welcome to the forum!

It appears to me that your system is very similar to the one described by @Aaron a little bit ago. I will try to find the thread when I am on my computer to link to it. I would love to read more about your experiences in that manner.

I think you may be the first one on this forum so far to try that in the US—but I am really hoping that someone reads this and intervenes!

You may want to introduce yourself on the welcome thread. I am looking froward to your posts!

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@sanfran, here is the original thread that @Michel must have refered to, I think:

How does your methods compare to it? I was very interested in @Aaron’s write-up! I would love to see what you think and what you found out in comparison.

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Thank you @MaryPat. My methods are somewhat similar to those of @Aaron although I have only been on AndroidAPS Open Loop for 3 days (Dexcom & Omnipod). Before that I used HAPP for about a week, with some success I might add, but it does have its limitations and I thought it best that if I was going to close the loop, I should get used to AAPS. Prior to all of that I was using xDrip+ with its predictive curves and the built in Bolus Wizard on my pump, I actually really liked this approach as it was simple and closer to Sugar Surfing which I have been doing for years (with varied success).


Did it work better than sugar surfing?

I sugar surf too, bit my bolus wizard is no help at all. I do much better without it.

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@Kaelan, it’s still too early to tell as I’ve been sugar surfing for so long. I like that it tracks IOB better than I can on my meter and it’s definitely more precise but it’s a clunky way of going about management as the Temp Basal inputs become more of a chore given the software is always altering temps.