Omnipod: Exercise and pod placement

I have always worn my infusion sets on my back and side. Now that I have started the Omnipod, I am planning on putting my next pod on my leg. I work out a lot (treadmill, rowing, etc…) and I was thinking that my insulin may work much faster while exercising if the pod is on my leg.

Does anyone have some advice about basal/bolus adjustments based on pod placement?

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You may get slightly faster absorption if you are running and it is on your legs, or if you are rowing and it is on your arms. But overall for me, the difference between arms and legs is minimal. Exercise speeds it up no matter where the pod is.

I have had them on my legs and lost a few when running. For running, I think it’s a little better to have them on your upper legs instead of your calves. When they are on your calves you are really shaking them around a lot. When up closer to your hips, they are not moving as much.

Basal adjustment really depends on how much exercise you are doing. But it is more about the exercise than the pod placement.


I do yoga twice a week and put a piece of tape across the Pod when I wear it on my upper thigh so I don’t tug at it inadvertently. I have not noticed a difference in absorption but do have to be more careful to avoid fine blood vessels near the skin surface when inserting.


I am a bit nervous about inserting it in my thigh. How do you avoid the fine blood vessels? Do you see them or do you know where they are from experience? My thighs are pretty muscular and I don’t have a lot of fat to work with (which is usually a good thing, but not so much for pods :frowning:).

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Good lighting helps a lot. Also pinching up likely spots before sticking on the pod to make sure there’s enough fat.

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We frequently use the upper thigh for a CGM. We rarely hit blood.

My son is also skinny, little fat anywhere.

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I just did it! I am so proud of myself :grinning: It didn’t hurt at all. Now hopefully I won’t rip it off!


@Lisa, congratulations!!! Now you’ll have to tell us how it works for you :slight_smile:

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Shocker !!!

ha ha ha

(I know he is super duper active !!!)


An odd POD placement question for the experts here. Does anyone have better absorption when PODs are places below the waistline versus above?

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Pretty good on upper thighs. Seems better than when it is on my back.

I think it is faster near muscles that are used a lot, like arms and legs, rather than areas that are not used as much like stomach, abdomen, and back.


We are getting slightly faster absorption on the shoulder than on the back. I figure it is the proximity of the muscles.

@michel - When you say shoulder where exactly do you mean?

Sorry, when I mean shoulder I really mean the upper arm, from the back of the arm, facing almost 180 dgerees behind you, all the way around to the bulge of the muscle, facing 90 degrees from in front of you.