Issues with Omnipod sites

Hello everyone,

I recently started on Omnipod and I wasn’t having issues with the first pod, but the second and third site have given me some issues. It appears that when I try to place the pod on my legs it the next day my blood sugar sky rockets.

Has anyone experienced this on Omnipod and was it an issue that you could no longer put pods on those problem areas or did you change from Omnipod?



Hello @Darruda10, welcome to FUD.

One thing I have found helpful is doing an “activation bolus”

If I put on a pod and don’t bolus, the small basal amount that comes out does not seem to get a very good start. So I make it a point to do a bolus when I activate it. I refer to this as an “activation bolus”.

I usually make a point of changing the pod right before a meal, so I can bolus right when I put it on.

Another thing that might make a difference is the pod day. Depending on the type of insulin you are using, day 3 may not be the same as day 1. I have found that NovoLog instead of Humalog makes the days much more consistent!

Site location can make a difference too. It just takes time to test different places and see which sites work the best.


Yes, I have issues with Pods on my arms. They worked well initially on my arms but for whatever reason, I experienced the same as you, high BGs for no reason. I now only use the pod on my abdomen and that has been working quite well for the past year.


Legs have never worked for my pods, likely because of the scar tissue lingering from childhood injections – although injections mostly absorb properly. I tried running an elevated basal with leg sites, but even that wasn’t enough so I just stopped using them. There are plenty of other pod sites that absorb well for me – abdomen, sides, top of butt, arms, pecs.

Have you only used your legs so far? If so, when you’re activating a pod, do you apply slight pressure to prevent a slight kickback when the cannula inserts? I noticed when I was first using pods that there was more chance the cannula didn’t insert properly on the legs, maybe because the skin is a bit tougher there.


Thank you for this. I have used my arm and it worked fine. I only got diabetes 7 years ago, a later onset type 1, so i hadn’t used my legs (specifically the inside of my legs) for any injections. For that reason I thought it work. I changed the pod to the back right side of the torso and it is working fine now. I guess I will have to avoid the legs.

Thanks Everyone!


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