Omnipod: do Pods need special adhesive or precautions to last 3 days?

Does a pod not last 3 days without the extra adhesive? I don’t use anything like that, since it’s only 3 days.

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For us, the Pod adhesive doesn’t last three days. Maybe it’s his soft skin.


For me - the pod adhesive lasts 3 days under normal use. I only use skintac on CGM sensors.

I had a batch of pods a year ago that had adhesive that was not that great and I used skintac to keep them on.

With the PODs I have been getting these days, there is more than enough adhesive left after 3-days and they are hard to peel off.

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We really appreciated @Aaron’s advice, however, once EH shaved a part of his leg and wound up with (what I’m pretty sure was) a staph infection. We had a topical steroid for a skin issue I’ve got and used that, but there’s still a scar/patch of pissed off skin where the shaving happened.

I would add: clean the area very well and shave with some shaving cream and a clean razor blade. (I’m sure that’s plenty obvious as I type it, but we were hasty at some point and it turned out poorly for him.)

I actually wonder if trimming leg hair with a beard trimmer would be enough…less irritating than actually shaving.

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We find that we get worse numbers on the third day without adhesive, and sometimes see it start hanging off the skin on the edges. But, for us, we spend a high number of days with pool practices in the water. so adhesives are always an issue.

What we do:

  • wash with soap and water

  • dry thoroughly

  • clean with an alcohol swipe or cotton+alcohol

  • let dry

  • draw a 3/4" circle for canula insertion area with a pen

  • apply SkinTac, let dry until tacky (we used to apply 3 layers, but now we only do one)

  • Apply Pod

When removing:

  • use adhesive remover as we pull Pod

  • thoroughly clean area with alcohol (or more adhesive remover) to leave no glue

  • wash with soap and water

  • dry

  • use organic hydrating cream (to minimize possible skin problem in the future)

I think that it really depends on your skin type. I don’t use any extra adhesives (for CGM or pod sites), and they seem to stick pretty well on me.

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I’ve never used any extra adhesives. Only once, after a long day of hiking on a very hot, humid day, did the adhesive loosen, but even then not enough for the cannula to come out.

I thnk it also greatly depends upon what you do during the day. My son swims almost daily. I took us months to get his CGM sensor to stay for a whole week on a row :slight_smile: For us, even the Pods have a hard time going in and out of the water all the time, despite their short wear time.

For sure. I am on the treadmill every day and things tend to stick better where I sweat less.

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