Omnipod 5 app updated

I started using the O5 with the stock PDM because of the issues I was hearing that people with the newer Samsung phones were having.
Last week the app was updated to fix the issues with the S20 phones.
I have a Note20 Ultra 5G phone.
I did the update and haven’t had a single issue so far. Hoping that the update will be stable so I don’t have to carry around any more equipment than needed.

I am still on my first pod, but I haven’t had any issues so far.
I do like the one less thing to carry.
I don’t care for having to do two security checks (one to get in the phone, another to open the Omnipod app itself.)


I was one of those people who actually bought an S20 off eBay just so I could use the O5 app. When I was forced to use the PDM because of the communication bug, it was a major pain. I’m now back to just my phone, and for me it is a major quality of life upgrade, not only because I just have to carry one device around, but because that one device is so vastly more user-friendly than the PDM.

As far as the security checks go, I’ll also take the phone over the PDM. To unlock the PDM, you need to:

  1. Swipe up
  2. Enter a 4-digit pin
  3. Press the enter button
    You have to do that every time you want to use the PDM.

To unlock the app on the phone, all you need to do is to use a biometric unlock (fingerprint or facial recognition). Yes–if your phone isn’t already open, you will have to use the biometric to unlock the phone first. But if you had the O5 app as the open app when you closed the phone, the sign-in for the phone will also be used for the active app and you won’t need to log in again. Even if I do have a different app open and have to use your fingerprint again when you switch to the O5 app, I’ll take using my fingerprint twice over the PDM login procedure hands down.

Beyond that, actually having control over system settings on the phone makes it much more user friendly. For example, the longest you can set the screen time-out on the PDM is 2 minutes. When I’m changing a pod I want the screen to stay up for the duration and I’m slow and deliberate about it. Having to reactivate the screen constantly to avoid having to re-login every two minutes is just another annoyance that makes me so glad to put that device in my rear view mirror.

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I changed to use biometrics, but when opening the omnipod app, it still gives me a prompt to change between fingerprint and facial. I would like to change the default to facial instead of having to select it. But I don’t see a way to change this anywhere.

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On pod 2, and even had to do an update on my phone, still zero issues!
Hope I am not jumping for joy too early. But I do like the app much better than the PDM because it is already on my phone.


Couple weeks in. App works fine. No issues.
To note, I had to switch back to my tslim for a few days while insurance was messing around with getting me more pods.
The app acted like nothing was wrong other than it didn’t have an active pod.
Started a new pod when I got it like nothing had changed.

I have a question. After starting a new pod do you even need to carry the phone or pdm with you? I am in the predicament of having an iPhone but am considering still starting it to try it out even if have to carry another device.

Yes and no.
Yes, if you want it to stay in the automated mode.
I think if it goes something like 15 minutes without signal, it goes back to the limited mode.

No, without the phone or PDM, the pod will run just fine in the limited mode only (basically like a normal pump with whatever base settings you have entered.)

I thought only if it lost connection to the G6 did it go back to limited mode? It has a direct connection to the G6 > OM5

You will definitely need the phone/pdm when you want to bolus. Automated mode might eventually get you on track if you drift high, but you’ll get on track much sooner with a correction bolus, so bolus-ing isn’t just for meals.

Beyond that you probably should have the device with you for alerts. You might be getting high/low alerts from your CGM app on the iPhone, but you need the Omnipod app for alerts about the state of your pod and its communication with your CGM. Talk with your diabetes care team, but I’m guessing medical professionals would urge you to have the pdm/phone with you at all times.

At the risk of getting caught up in the Android/iOS religious wars, you might want to consider switching to a Samsung if only carrying one device is important to you.