Novolog side effects

I switched from Fiasp to Novolog with Omnipod and am still on pod #1 with Novolog. So far so good on adjusting my basal (about 10% lower) and bolus (about 20% lower). Generally seems to absorb better than Fiasp, although today (Day 3 of pod 1) I am starting to see some creeping BG rises just like I used to get with Fiasp.

Also today I started getting some coincidental possible side effects. Itchy spots on arms and legs/hips and slight swelling of the soles of my feet.

Has anybody had these reactions with Novolog?


Been on Novolog since Nov! Have had some itching but think it’s just dry weather!


Fiasp is Novolog; the only difference that I’m aware of is the addition of nicotinamide to Fiasp and that, ironically, is supposed to work because it irritates the skin (causing faster adsorption). Skin irritation is a reported side-effect of Fiasp, but then again it’s probably a reported side effect of injecting anything subcutaneously.

So maybe you are seeing withdrawal effects as a result of discontinuing the nicotinamide. This is definitely a question for an endo.

There are other ingredients in there; check section 11 (“DESCRIPTION”) of the insert, there’s a list at the end. I don’t have any Novolog, so I couldn’t diff them, but a diff of Fiasp vs Novolin shows that both contain metacresol but there are several extra ingredients in Fiasp, including phenol; there’s a lot less stuff in Novolin!


Well the swelling of the balls of my feet subsided about 12 hours after I first noticed it and has not returned. I am staying on Novolog for at least another week and will see what happens.
The itchiness turned into a rash on the inside of my upper arm…your theory might be correct. The arm with the rash was the carrier of the last Fiasp pod and has not carried a Novolog pod yet.

The Novo web site disclosure says: " Common side effects of NovoLog® may include: low potassium in your blood, injection site reactions, itching, rash, serious whole body allergic reactions, skin thickening or pits at the injection site, weight gain, and swelling of your hands and feet and if taken with thiazolidinediones (TZDs) possible heart failure.


Those are the important and significant side effects of insulin. It’s difficult, maybe impossible, to put on weight or retain fluid without it.