A little Fiasp info

Here is a pic of the pharmacokinetics of Fiasp versus NovoLog (the picture says NovoRapid, because that’s what the rest of the world calls NovoLog).
(thanks to @Michel for the pic)

It’s faster, but not life altering. Be careful what you believe, and temper your expectations.

When you go on-line and see people posting pictures of their CGM talking about Fiasp, take that with a grain of salt. The lag in CGM means it’s not really the best way to compare Fiasp with normal NovoLog. The best comparison will be for you to try it over several weeks!

But so far, it seems to have potential. It will take me weeks to give you an honest eval.

The additives to Fiasp that make it faster are nicotinamide and L-arginine hydrochloride.

Here are more details on Fiasp than you can imagine:
(thanks to @TiaG, who is smarter than Google)

Not yet available in the U.S., but all you need is a prescription.

What does the FDA say?
Basically, if you are using it yourself, not selling it, and don’t get more than a 3 month supply at a time, you are fine!

More details on legality and “getting” can be found here:

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I’m personally not that intrigued by fiasp, but I would just point out that these graphs aren’t always that meaningful. The graph comparison between afrezza and humalog only shows slight differences, but in reality they are an entirely different ballgame.

Just in case anyone is hung up on chemical additives, nicitinamide is Vitamin B³, and L-arginine hydrochloride is found in meat and is a precursor of nitric oxide, and is used quite widely in the natural food industry.

The innocuous nature of the chemical differences between FIASP and Novolog makes me wonder why the FDA is giving NovoNordisk such a hard time with the approval.


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