I stopped using Fiasp

I had to stop using Fiasp. I had allergies. I used it in my pump for a week and had unusual symptoms. Tensing of my muscles, and losing a lot of sleep at night. That happened during my early stages, but I had not thought it was being caused by Fiasp. Then I found another Fiasp user having the same problem. He had stopped, and the symptoms disappeared. I stopped, but wanted to take Fiasp injections into my bicep muscle if I had a very bad high, which I do occasionally. I did that twice, and noticed a rash ad a big red spot around the injection site.
I think Fiasp is a very good insulin for people who do not have side effects.
Now I have totally stopped using Fiasp. It certainly did work faster than Humalog, and I was not having any highs over 150 at the start, but I cannot continue because of the side effects.

C’est la vie! :frowning:


That’s good information. I’ve been trying to work out if it does having swapped from Humalog to Fiasp. I’m not sure; there seem to be diverse experiences, but thank you for yours, it gives me confidence in my decision to use Fiasp.

La vie, c’est toute.


Quoting myself. I think I’m going to go and ask my doc for a generic prescription. I really can’t convince myself Fiasp gives me any benefit over the humalog (lispro) I was using before and I can get that as a generic. Also my wife just pointed out to me that we have at least a month supply of Humalog in the fridge, and it’s the start of the year, so I just forked out $600 for Fiasp. That’s 2 vials, 20ml; $300/10ml is the standard rate for insulin in the US, so I expected it. It’s just that Fiasp doesn’t seem to give me a detectable win, so why bother?

Update: the generic costs the same amount, but Admelog (which is, actually, the generic) costs under half of Fiasp, Humalog or Novolog. Unfortunately Admelog (and, for that matter the generic and Humalog) require “prior authorization”.

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I had been using Fiasp for most of last year, but just switched back to Novolog to use up some of the expiring back-supply I had in my refrigerator. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ll go back to the Fiasp (as it requires PA and I can only get a 1 month supply at a time with my current insurance) except to use up what I have left, as I don’t really notice much - if any - real difference with it.

Of course, my current insurance is probably not going to pay for Novolog going forward either, as I’m pretty sure their preferred rapid-acting insulin is Humalog (which I haven’t used since before my pumping days began 17 years ago) - but I don’t anticipate having any issues with it.

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I couldn’t use Fiasp in the pump - over a few weeks my sites got more and more irritated, boluses would sting (basal was OK for a while) but then I got the “something is off with my body” so I stopped.

I use Fiasp now on MDI, it’s somewhat faster than NovoRapid (Novolog). Basically it’s NovoRapid with some added ingredients to irritate the site which increases blood flow. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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