Reaction to novolog?

When I was on MDI I took 35 units of tresiba at bedtime and used novolog for boluses. Now on pump and using novolog, have been waking up with good b’s 80 - 100 but with terrible headaches and diarea. Could this be from switching insulin and it will go away.

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What do you think could be causing it exactly? You were doing novolog while on MDI as well as on the pump? Do you think it’s because you increased your novolog when switching to the pump? It sounds like you were doing fine when doing only food boluses with it— and wonder if there maybe couldn’t be something else to blame? Start any other new medications recently?

Hope some better answers pass through here soon. :grin:

There are additives to insulin, that you could be reacting too. Unusual, but possible.

I get terrible muscle pain with both novolog and humalog. Thank god Apidra works for me with no side effects. I am on pump and using 65 units per day. I experience the sites getting sore on the third day. To help the amount of insulin per site, I started using Tresiba as part of my basal, with the remaining smaller basal on the pump, plus the boluses. Worked great for me. I ended using 31 units Tresiba, the rest on pump with Apidra. No more sore sites and I can extend the site changes to 4 days.

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How long ago did you make the switch?

Hence the FUD name? I’m glad you found a regimen that works for you!

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I started on novolog monday, made typo on original post, I was using tresiba and humalog started on novolog.