Nightly D-Reminders Checklist


I shouldn’t have to do this, but I’m obviously becoming too absent-minded. Three days in a row I’ve failed to do something the night before that either led to lots of highs or lows. One night, my phone volume was low…so even though I received phone calls and texts, I didn’t hear them. The second night, I had the ‘mute’ button pushed on my phone so the three low calls I received, I didn’t wake up for. The third time, my phone was unplugged and died in the middle of the night.

So, I created this checklist that I’ll put somewhere obvious and visible to me so that I can make sure the checklist items are completed…things I shouldn’t need reminding for, but I obviously do.



I’m sorry you forgot. :frowning: That happens to everyone. But making a check list is a good idea! My issue is then how to follow it. Maybe the bathroom mirror? Or if you make your bed, on the pillow every morning so you see it every night?

Or a reminder on the iPhone that pops up in addition to a physical list?

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I’m a fan of clip boards.

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HA! Me too! People make fun of me because I’m often toting one around. I write lists on papers that I then don’t look at enough. :rofl:



The family used to poke fun at a cousin who came up with a few ways to remind themself of things … I must say, they work and I’ve come to do them myself! One is to send a voice message to yourself and the other is to put a post it note on the door frame. So, if you’re going to be leaving the house, you put it on that doorway, or if you’re going to bed, put it on the bedroom doorway.