New pump (YpsoPump)!

I got my new YpsoPump today, free through their SWITCH program! Training is on Wednesday. But of course I’ll probably have everything set up by then.

The pump is TINY! Barely larger than a Contour Next ONE meter.

I’m excited to get this thing up and running and paired with my phone!


Congratulations! I hope it serves you well!! :grinning:

Wow, that’s pretty tight!

Can you tell us about it?

Is the reservoir inside that small pump you showed, or somewhere else? Can you do bolusing from your phone?

Cool stuff. I look forward to hearing about it.

Teeny tiny 1.6 mL (160 unit) cartridge goes in the pump. The great thing about these cartridges is that they’re glass, so you can fill them up to 30 days in advance and keep them in the fridge, or a week in advance (I think) if unrefrigerated. In the near future, there should be pre-filled NovoRapid cartridges available (they’re available in other countries, just need to come to Canada).

Right now the phone app is used to calculate blouses, but you have to them manually bolus with the pump. The app can read data from the pump (such as last bolus, insulin on board, basal rate) but not send commands to the pump.

According to the company rep I met, dual-way communication and being able to control the pump from the app is coming soon. (She said as soon as October possibly…but who knows if that’s accurate.). In future, the app will also be integrated with the Libre (which I just switched to).


That’s a very good option. If you carry an extra vial around, that gives people a much longer range of use.

Are the infusion sets nice?

I think something that would be a great option for people who can’t use a tubeless pump would be a small tubed pump with a short tube, that they could wear like a watch. And use a remote device, like a phone, to manage their boluses.

That thing looks like it’s possibly small enough to wear like a watch. If so, that could be a great way to manage it.

This pump can only use the Oribit infusion sets, which have been on the market for a while (at least in Canada), but no one uses them. The pump has a proprietary connection, so no other infusion sets can be used. However, the Orbit sets come in either plastic or steel versions. And what I love about them is that there’s an insertion device. I don’t know of any other steel sets that have an insertion device! I don’t have the insertion device yet. I do have the infusion sets, and they can be inserted manually, but I think I’ll wait till I have the insertion device. The steel sets are also 31 gauge as opposed to the Contact-Detach/Sure-T/Tru-Steel, which are all 29 gauge.

One unique thing about these infusion sets is that they have blue tubing. Apparently, this is d9ne because it makes air bubbles easier to see.

Another unique thing is that once the infusion set is connected to the tubing, the “hub” can freely rotate around by 360 degrees (hence the name Orbit).

Yep, it is small enough you could wear it on your wrist lengthwise. But it has tubing, so I’m not sure that would work for your idea. I think Tandem has something like your idea planned at some point. In future, the idea is that you’ll be able to store the pump anywhere and control everything with your phone.

That is a very nice feature!

If you swapped left and right wrists, there are a lot of places you could attach it on your forearm and upper arm.

I have injected insulin in my forearm. It works fine. I have even worn pods on my forearm. Once you get past the squeamish factor, you can put the infusion sets almost anywhere.

Once I got over that idea that you could only inject in arms, thighs, and stomach, it gave me a lot more options. Calves, back of legs, forearm, chest, shoulder, back, neck, the fleshy part of the thumb… :open_mouth: OMG, that hurts like hell!

But still, a short tube and a remote controlled pump gives it a lot of the advantages of a tubeless pump!

I think that was one of the nice features of the Animas, if I am not mistaken. Wasn’t that one of the only pumps with a remote feature? If you can have it tucked away in your pocket, and bolus with your phone, that’s a great option.

The proprietary infusion sets is a bit of a drawback, though. Depending on what options they have.

Still, any new pump in the market is wonderful. That keeps the Big 3 on their toes.

Yep, the Animas Ping had a remote meter. But you could only bolus with it, not adjust any basal rates, which was a big disadvantage.