Short tube patch pump

I’m an MDI user myself, and not really looking at pump right now. Still, I like to keep up with all available options and stumbled across this:

Apparently, it’s something like a reausable pod with a separate infusion set. You stick it to your skin with adhesive and connect a very short tube (5 cm) to a separate infusion set. It seems like it could offer some advantages from both worlds.

What do you pump users think about this? Has there been anything similar before?


If it uses a Luer lock, I am all over it. Makes it much easier for me. (Are you listening @LarissaW ? :grinning:)

That pump looks very much like this one, which I posted about a while back (over 2 years ago). It is not yet available in the U.S. I think the FDA makes it much harder to break into the U.S. market. (Look at how we were the last to get Fiasp approved!!)

@kalle, since you are in Sweden, maybe one day you can help me get hooked up! :wink:


Cellnovo looks very similar. Sadly, it seems they’ve shut down:

Let’s hope this one fares better, and that more companies get this idea. Just like you wrote two years ago, competition is a good thing!

The FDA approval process is a bummer, and I guess that goes both ways. New things on one side of the Atlantic seem to take a long time to cross. It’s like they’re travelling by sail without a compass :laughing:


I am always happy to do a gift exchange with my friends overseas!


@Eric I wonder why this looks oddly familiar??

But anyways, this looks like a pretty cool concept. Definitely best of both worlds.

And the website is so ~euro~ it makes me want one to be cool :joy:


This pump is available in the Netherlands. ViCentra, the company behind this pump, might in fact be Dutch.