Cellnovo pump


These guys have been around for a while. Not available in the states yet, but more players in the tubeless market is a good thing.

Their pump gives you the option of different infusion needle lengths, which is an advantage over the omnipod only giving you one size. And it is rechargeable, so the only thing you replace is the infusion, not the entire patch.

But theirs is not as streamlined, it’s a bit more bulky.

But good to maybe one day have a different option. Competition ultimately leads to better products.


Do you know where they are from?

I think your homeland!

Then probably good engineering, poor support and terrible marketing :slight_smile:

I don’t know. Will it be like French food and wine? :smile:

Or French cars? :frowning2:

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Well. Are you planning to taste it, or drive it?

Btw, the general HQ is in France, but it seems that they have another big center in the UK, and much of the ops and tech staff is in the UK too.

Here is a nice FAQ page from Cellnovo. They are European pump maker, currently making pumps but not yet big enough to produce enough for the U.S. And will of course have to go through the FDA process at some point.

But more players in the pump market is great - particularly since a few of the ones in the current set of “The Big 4” are financially in a bit of trouble.

This one is also tubeless, which is nice. Check them out, hopefully we will see them expand one day.