New phone suggestion... 4 days battery runtime

Had to break down and buy a new phone, always a traumatic event once you realize the amount of work needing done after restoration of apps & data from backups…but I digress.

I grabbed a new Motorola G Power…it has a 500mAh battery (my Moto E5+ also had same size). It’s a big phone but it’s a monster battery and that is why I stuck with Motorola’s mid priced phones.

After a break of a week I started checking battery life. Moto’s claim was an easy 3 days with moderate use mixing video, web, phone, texting. etc… I couldn’t wait.

My first test was for screen on time… the phone played video for between 15-17hrs, yup those numbers are correct. Next was just normal use letting Xdrip do it’s thing… with moderate browsing and a few hours video it ran a total of 84hrs. Yes… eighty-four hours. I’m beyond jazzed.

I frequently have to be away from power for extended periods which even with the Moto E5+ (got between 38-42 hrs with it as long as I was frugal) I often would get that panic of losing comm with the CGM. I am golden now.

I tried a day with not heavy but above average use and got 39-46hrs. Of course mixing in 8+ hours of screen on time and were back at 17-30hrs. Still those numbers are ideal for my uses.

I’m frugal about phones and after several decades in It I see zero rational justification to spend $500+ for any phone. And at the prices of new Samsung , Apple and a could other $1000+ phones you might as well spend about $1200 on a Surface Pro system. Moto G Power is at my personal max comfort zone but I feel a reasonable price at $249 direct from Motorola and nicely discounted at Verizon, GoogleFi and a couple others for under $199 and I guess there are coupon codes for Motorola too (oops!)…

Anyway, the phone is worth considering if you’re needing something new. Direct from Moto there’s essential no added bloatware and outside of several phones direct from Google, the Android in pure Android. That sure helps keep the system stable.

Lots of reviews out there now so check around for sure. I don’t care about cameras & such but these are fine for snapshot level photos. It has Android 10 of course, 64gb, I stuffed a 512gb SD card in it so it now more spaces than I could ever imagine using. plenty of room for Xdrip backups for, ummm, the next 20 or 600yrs. ;).

As I mentioned for me it solves my biggest concern with battery life to run Xdrip for 2-3 days away from power. That’s a lot of relaxing freedom to me. oh, I am only T2 so no pump but given the pure Android install there ‘should not’ be any hurdles hardware or OS wise unless your device does something odd requiring specific a OS version.

Last, as with all devices it has quirks like the vibrate mode is rather weak. That’s a long running Motorola issue.

hope this makes sense but had to share.


Thanks for the post!

I am assuming this is the Moto g8 power? Can I ask what hardware you are using with xdrip?

I currently have a G7 Power which I have been using with a dexcom g5 transmitter with no problems for a long time, but the recent upgrade of the phone from Android 9 to 10 has caused a lot of connection issues between the phone and transmitter. If the G8 power doesn’t have problems with the dexcom I would probably get one to avoid the headaches of trying to fix my current situation.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

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