Need help ASAP with G5 not scanning to Xdrip4ios

I’m new to the forum and tried to search for the answer to my question first but I’m not finding the answer, or I’m just not grasping what I’m supposed to because I’m stressed and panicked.

I can not get a G5 transmitter connected to the app because it just keeps saying “scanning” and doesn’t change and no options to start in the home page. We’ve tried 6 different sensors, left some of them to connect for hours and even overnight, I rebooted the phone, deleted the app and downloaded it again, I don’t have an option about “debug” in settings except for “include debug level” which changes nothing when you turn it on, and none of them connected. We used this for a month or so in October and it worked great, but we’ve run out of sensors again after being forced to use G6 and the G6 won’t connect because it says “8G or newer are not supported”.

Can anyone help? I am terrified of another night without this running as my brother passed away from an overnight low and will legit not sleep again. Thanks so much in advance.

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@docslotnick is the resident Xdrip guru so tagging him here in the hopes he might be able to provide some insight.


Most or all of xDrip posts here is for the Android version, not xDripForIos.

But this info may be helpful if this is what you are using.

A quicker option may be to buy a cheap android phone (tracfone, net10, etc), and install xDrip (for android).
You don’t need phone service, so it could be used just for dexcom readings.

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Thank you, I’ll check it out, I just pricked her finger every 2hrs last night and dialed her basal back a bit. I’m supposed to get the new transmitters tomorrow BUT, the doctors said that it’s been a week delayed because FedEx is so far behind. I’m waiting for a call back from the Pedi Endo to see if we can get a sample for now, I still really want to get this figured out though for the next time we need it, which is inevitable lol.

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Will that be G6 ?

Are you familiar with “restarting” a sensor to get more than 10 days ?
(Once you get it working).

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Definitely not! It wouldn’t let me scan the same code or enter the same number after the 10 day mark. I was forced into the G6 despite months worth of sensors for the G5 and I’m pretty upset we can’t use it longer!

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They can be used with G5/G4 transmitter. If you saved “dead” G5 transmitters after use, you may be able to get battery replaced, or purchase on ebay or amazon.

G6 sensors can be restarted, but the transmitter must first be removed, wait 20 minutes, then put transmitter back. Search this site for more instructions.

G6 sensor restart - how to remove transmitter video.

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