Medtronic trial CGMS


Has anyone tried this ? 30 day free trial.


What do you think about a 60 minute prediction of low? I think there would be many false alerts.

Is this same as the sensor and transmitter used by 670?

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I think this is the same sensors (guardian 3) that the medtronic 640g and 670g use. Possibly a different transmitter so that the readings go to the user’s phone. That currently does not happen with guardian sensors that connect with the 670g.

Agreed. I also think the majority of my lows cannot be predicted 60 minutes in advance

It does not seem like the guardian connect app offers any additional services outside of dexcom (+dexcom extension) apps (besides the up to 60-minute prediction alerts), but I could be wrong on this assumption


That’s nuthin. The new 780G boasts the capability of predicting hypoglycemia—are you sitting??— up to four hours in advance of your hypoglycemic event. Four hours. That’s before my diabetes even knows about it. Medtronic is really upping their game around here. They’re like all you other suckers can keep working on your “sensors” while we take it up a notch with fortune telling.

Sorry. I didn’t realize I was cranky until just now. :grin:

The Connect is the same stuff as the Guardian, but as @LarissaW said, it just connects to your phone. So in order to get readings on your phone, you have to wear TWO transmitters. That’s a little silly. Even for me. :grin: Although I did inquire because I was hoping it had an ISig, but it doesn’t. That’s too bad.


Maybe they found a way to incorporate a fortune teller, that predicts what I’ll be eating or doing in the next 1-4 hours… OR, it will require that I enter all that into the device.

Just saw reference to IBM Watson AI…


I think you should get one anyway, to give us a first hand review and comparison.

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@ medtronic:


I wish they offered free CGM trials in my country

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Your stuff always makes me laugh. I wish I had skills like that. :rofl:

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You know what I needed right now?? Some serious busy work. And I’m not kidding. I think I’ll call them today and see what they can do. :thinking:

What a great idea, @MM2. :heart:


If it’s not a fortune teller they’re using, I’m not comfortable with them predicting anything in my future, never mind my blood sugar. Or in my past. I would t even want them predicting that.

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so… you’re saying that you would be more likely to trust a fortune teller than a guardian sensor? :eyes:


I would sign up and send it to you if I can enter your phone number and email…
I would like to try it, but don’t want to agree to the info they want in exchange for signing up. I assume they already have that info on Nicky…


Only if the fortune teller promised to be accurate, yes…

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Thanks for the offer, but I see this sensor isn’t compatible with my phone or pump, so that won’t work anyway.





And I’ll delete that now.:woman_facepalming:


So I called. They said they couldn’t give me one since I was under warranty with my Dexcom, but they could offer me a trade-in where I could pay them $300 and send back my G6 transmitter and then they’d give me back $100 AND a Guardian Connect for a trial…

When I finally stopped laughing, I politely declined.

It was a great idea though. :grin:


And I think you may be still under warranty with 670?

Seems like they aren’t interested in swaying dexcom users over.

Thanks for trying.

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Yes… I believe. Medtronic is having a little problem with their records, so it kind of depends on who I speak to at the time. :smiley:

I had that exact thought… right before having another less likely one. If they know very few people would try the Connect and THEN decide to return their Dexcom for it, maybe they figure they might be able to catch a few more customers by going after the unsuspecting ones… the ones who don’t know any better than to agree to a swap like that.

I should stop joking. I know there are people out there who feel about Dexcom the way I do about the Guardian.

So I’m going to stop myself from making the next joke right now…

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