What is the best setup for pump and CGM combo?

My Medtronic Minimed warranty just expired. I’ve also been using the Medtronic CGM which also just expired. I like that I have one device for both my pumping and my CGM, but have increasing concerns with the CGM accuracy of Medtronic minimed’s system. So…I may be interested in getting a new pump/CGM setup. My question for you all is this: what setup do you have/like? and what do you like about it? Thanks for any input you may have!

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Hi @Trever. :grin:

I also had some concerns over Medtronic’s accuracy. I’ve been with t:slim and the G6 since January and absolutely love it. It’s a great combo. Having experienced many frustrations on the 670, my favorite part of this duo is the almost complete lack of frustrations. Basal-IQ is fantastic, and the G6 is a hawk. I’m on day 22 of my sensor right now, and my sensor has been within 2 or 3 of my meter values. All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the move!

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Agree with Tandem/G6. Having my pump display my CGM data is awesome, the CGM is so accurate, the pump is easy to use, and I’ve had good experiences with customer service. I had Medtronic before but it was the old Paradigm pump without CGM - I used Dexcom separately then and have been happy with them for six years.

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++1 for Tandem and Dexcom. I was a longtime Medtronic user before moving to Tandem.

@Nickyghaleb Wow, day 22!? That is awesome. How often do you have to calibrate?

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@Allison I appreciate your perspective. I am glad to hear that I would still be able to manage sensor information from the pump with tandem/dex combo. Thanks!

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@jim26 I’m seriously considering following your migration pattern. I must say that it is with some hesitation. I have really loved Medtronic ever since I had pump problems while on a camping trip and they pulled a bunch of strings to deliver a new pump to my campsite by a courier the same day. I have never experienced such dedicated customer service.


I was loyal to Medtronic for a good 12 years… maybe longer. Their customer service used to be amazing. It definitely felt odd parting ways, but it’s been a very good experience with Tandem so far.

As far as calibrating goes, it’s very much up to the user as to how much… or how little. I think I can say I don’t calibrate at all on about half of my sensors, and I extend them all. Now 22 days is quite a stretch, but it’s not uncommon for me to go 14 or 15 days on a sensor and never calibrate more than once—if at all. It’s been a world of difference coming from the Guardian to the G6. Hopefully Medtronic is cleaning up a little in this category as they near releasing the 780. The G6 really shines in the maintenance department.

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I agree and I had a similar experience with Medtronic when I took my pump for a swim on vacation which killed the pump. By noon the next day they had a new pump in my hands. So never had any complaints about their service. Also loved they would text me every 3 months asking if I wanted to reorder supplies. A simple “Yes” response and my supplies were ordered.

My switch was more about integration with Dexcom and their product roadmap (Basil IQ and Control IQ).

I had similar quick replacement of MM 523 last summer on vacation. But also likely to get Tandem as next pump in 2020. I would use the MM pump as backup if delay in Tandem replacement occurs.

Tandem tslim & dexcom g6

Thank you very much for your input. You all have confirmed the direction I was heavily leaning. I am amazed at how unanimous the input was. I met with my doc and should have a Tslim + Dexcom G6 in about a month. I’m very excited about it. Also, strangely a bit apprehensive. I feel like I am breaking up with someone. haha! It’s not you, it’s me minimed. Can we still be friends??

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You might enjoy this, regarding Nicky’s experience with MM 670. (Before she switched to Tandem).

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That’s what I did… left MM after almost 20 years! But it has been so worth it.

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haha! Can I have the pump with “screw you” mode!? that’s hilarious!