What is best user friendly CGM system to replace failing Medtronic 530G?

I just discovered this website. My Medtronic 530G system is failing. After persistent pump beeping my wife put me on notice that I may need to sleep in another room. Three years ago I traded for Medtronic 670G, hated it (way too complicated, too big, etc.) and went back to my 530G. Now I need to replace my system and I am overwhelmed with options and information. I’m looking for a user-friendly system that is a save bet. I’m 64 years old looking for life simplification and dread having to do this. I am open to using a new company and brand if that is the best path.

Ken M., 64 yrs., T1 since 1995, Medtronic 530G pump user since 2013


When you say “best user friendly CGM system”, do you mean just a CGM or a CGM/pump combination?

Best CGM right now is the Dexcom G6. You can use it native, or use it with a lot of other options like xDrip or Loop. Ether way, Dexcom is the best CGM.

The best available “user friendly” CGM/pump combination right now is Tandem. (Meaning it is right-out-of-the-box, you don’t need to make it yourself like Loop.)

Pretty soon there will be another one available, OmniPod 5.


Many thanks Eric, I meant CGM/pump combination. From what you know, will the OmniPod 5 CGM/pump combination be user friendly right out of the box, and if yes would it make more sense for me to wait rather than jumping into the Tandem system? I can wait longer if needed and want to get this right the first time.


My son uses the Tandem system and it is really user friendly. The cool part is you can download the pump simulator and see if this pump is for you without having to buy. The Omnipod system that is slated to come out should be just as easy to use as the Tandem, but of course will not have tubing. So in my estimation, your preference should come down to whether or not you want a tubed pump. If tubing doesn’t bother you or you have specific infusion set preferences, then Tandem is for you. If you want Tubeless then wait for the Omnipod.


Yes to what @Chris said.

If you used the Medtronic before, you are familiar with a pump and tubing and infusion sets. If all of that is good for you and you like it, go with Tandem.

If you are interested in the tubeless pump, wait a bit for the omnipod.

The problem sometimes comes down to which one insurance will cover. And the way insurance works, once you get a pump, you might be stuck with it for 4 years.

So do your research on them both. Meet with the representatives for both companies and get a demo and take a look at them both before you decide!


I think if you found the 670G too complicated for you then you probably will also find the Tandem pump too complicated. Perhaps if your support network allows you to have someone else completely set up the pump for you, you might be happy just using the t:slim in in Control-IQ mode.

But I’m not optimistic. Even though Control-IQ attempts to automate insulin basil (and some bolus) doses, you can still get wildly varying results until you get the pump settings locked in.

The other thing you might not like about the Tandem t:slim is the insulin cartridge. I find it more annoying to fill.

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Why? The t:slim isn’t disloyal like the Medtronic, which demands calibrations and then kicks you out of automatic mode. The t:slim just continues doing its job. I find hybrid closed-loop pumping to be much less burden than manual pumping. There’s still plenty for me to do if I want a great result, but still the algorithm is always watching and trying to do the right thing.


I agree with @bkh on this one. I think the Tandem t:slim X2 with Control-IQ is pretty good out of the box. But still allows for manipulation to make even better.
There are also a lot of people here that have used it, and are more than willing to offer advise on how to make it work better for you.

The infusion set choice is the big drawback on the Omnipod for me.
Tandem will be coming out with the t:sport, which is a patch pump with a very short infusion set. So you can still opt for the set of your choice.