Medtronic Carelink and Mac

Does anyone know a work around to NOT being able to upload the pump data/reports on a Mac? Apparently my computer is to “new” for the most advanced pump they offer …

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There may be browser plugins that fool the browser detection script. If that doesn’t work, I think the only solution is downloading Firefox.

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I would think that could work, but my OS is already too new … so I don’t think firefox would help much :frowning:

Sometimes browser plugins can fake a different OS too, but I don’t know if this is just a silly restriction on the part of Carelink or a genuine problem caused by something in the software.

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ahh good point, I’ll look into it. I know they have used JAVA for the longest time which was their previous restrictions … now I can’t get an answer when I call their tech support other than “we’re working on it.”

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I know they know have an uploader program that you can download to your computer. I would assume that would work with a Mac. From what I’m remembering, Java was only necessary in uploading the data, correct? So if you use the uploader program you should be able to side step Java.

If you were to click the blue “continue” button then you should be taken to this page ( which I’m screen shotting here. Notice the red text!

It has the instructions on how to download and use the uploader (which I think works for mac (though I have an HP so I have no experience trying))

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Yes, they now have this new program, though you can still use Java if you want. For me the new uploader works much better than Java with its hundreds of warnings that Java is out of date (when not?) and poses a huge security risk.

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Java or the uploader?? And how so??

Java, it seems permanently out of date and whenever I use it, I get security warnings.

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Also @Keefe67, I recommend looking into tidepool. You can upload medtronic data and is more dynamic than carelink and I think is personally easier and better to work with

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What kind of functions does tidepool have? Is it free? Does it work without a CGM?

I can’t even access this page, I get the error screen when I go to login, currently I’m having to dig out an old PC for 5 min just to do this.

@Keefe67 agh I’m sorry. It’s frustrating enough having to upload data so manually. Let me know if you have any questions on the PC. I totally feel your annoyance at the process though

Tidepool is free. I believe it works without a cgm if you’re using a medtronic pump as a dumb pump.

You download the tidepool uploader on your computer and then download your cgm and pump data via the uploader, which will send that data to its online interface. I use the 670g and guardian sensors and it takes all the pump and cgm data just like carelink. I think the data download is easier with tidepool IMO

Perks of Tidepool’s website:

  1. you can interact with your data (whereas carelink is a pdf), video below does a good job of showing what I mean

2nd perk. it’s easy to share with others (CDE, endo, etc.) - you just need their email and then they have access to the data. I will say that my endo did not have experience with tidepool before me so I believe it is less widely used than carelink
3. I like that you can see what basal you’re receiving by hovering over it in the daily view. This goes for AM as well
4. I think that the way the data is presented is pretty digestible
5. there’s a tidepool app that you can download on your phone. I like to use it to add notes of when I’m eating X or when I’ve done Y exercise. Then when I sign on online and am looking at my data I can connect the events of “O eating X makes my blood sugar do this and I should have bolused more or sooner”. You can get a lot more tweaking done


That looks great! I didn’t know tidepool existed, how long have they been around? If it works with my Medtronic 640G without CGM, I might start using it. I’ll look further into it. Thanks for the explanation!

I’ve no idea how long they’ve been around. I’ve been using it for about 2 months I think.

Ya let me know how it goes for you!


Appreciate it, I have an older PC that I have had to dust off just to upload his information to his Drs … frustrating but it works.

I just signed up, so I can’t comment too much on it yet. But I found it quite annoying that about the first message after signing up is ‘you need Chrome for this’. They could have stated that more clear on the website. Thankfully installing an add-on that pretends my browser is Chrome seems to solve the problem. I find it weird that they say they care about my privacy, all the data is mine and won’t be shared with anyone without my permission, yet their website is only compatible with a browser that ranks among the worst when it comes to privacy.


Omg lol chrome is the only browser I use

Haha, I installed Chrome just so I could use Tidepool. What’s the add-on you use?